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If you’re looking for a deep, knowledgeable, entertaining review of the latest Madden entry, Arcade Sushi has you covered.

Posted on 08/28/14
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We have a chat with Rely on Horror’s Casper Bronmans; topics include the affect of the job on our favorite hobby, and the current state of game criticism.

Posted on 08/27/14
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The original title received widespread critical acclaim and if you’re wondering how the sequel fared, you need to check out EGM’s spectacular analysis.

Posted on 08/25/14
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An updated version of Diablo III has arrived for next-gen consoles, and Giant Bomb does a great job explaining why the Ultimate Evil Edition is stellar.

Posted on 08/21/14
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// Community Corner

There’s no two ways about it. Given the huge amount of controversy that continues to surround the industry, we need professionals now more than ever.

Posted on 09/1/14
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Both games have tremendous sales potential, but they’re in very different situations. Which one will ultimately end up with the 2014 sales crown?

Posted on 08/29/14
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The “fanboy” is an irritating entity in and of itself, but which of the three groups of followers is the most annoying? Which could you really do without?

Posted on 08/23/14
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Sony wonders why it sold 10 million PlayStation 4 units worldwide. It’s clear to us: That amount was sold due to positive word-of-mouth, plain and simple.

Posted on 08/20/14
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