// Staff Picks

Familiarity isn’t a bad thing but if you’re not convinced, let God is a Geek explain in their excellent evaluation of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Posted on 10/22/14
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The Evil Within is a little uneven and somewhat underwhelming, but The Guardian explains why it’s still catnip for survival/horror purists.

Posted on 10/16/14
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Avid fans of the franchise want the unvarnished truth and GameSpot’s Kevin VanOrd delivers that truth, while still remaining modestly encouraged.

Posted on 10/11/14
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IGN explains why Driveclub is an ambitious, fun racer that just barely misses the elite label. This is an energetic, atmospheric review that we love!

Posted on 10/9/14
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// Community Corner

At the start of 2014, if you had to guess which titles would be Game of the Year candidates, you would’ve been very surprised at the outcome.

Posted on 10/29/14
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The hotly anticipated horror game from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami hasn’t exactly scored off the charts, and some purists seem irritated.

Posted on 10/17/14
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The Elusive Perfect 10: Does Any Game Deserve It?

There’s a lot of controversy swirling around the concept of the perfect review score. Some say no game can be flawless; others say “10″ doesn’t mean “perfect.”

Posted on 10/6/14
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During the fourth-quarter blitz, most game critics are pushed to the absolute maximum. It’s difficult to keep up and therefore, consumers should be wary.

Posted on 10/1/14
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