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A cult classic has been resurrected in a shinier package. Is it for you?

It’s one of those beloved classics that definitely deserved a remaster. But Metro addresses the important question: Does it stand the test of time?

Posted on 01/28/15
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The original classic has been reborn and for a review that mixes the poetic with the technical, check out Digital Trend’s excellent analysis.

Posted on 01/23/15
For fighting fanatics, this one has the gameplay they've always loved.

Guilty Gear, one of the legends of the fighting genre, has returned this month, and Joystiq provides die-hard fanatics with a candid evaluation.

Posted on 12/26/14
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This great collection receives the proper respect and analysis from one of the industry’s best review outlets. Phoenix Wright fans, enjoy!

Posted on 12/12/14
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// Community Corner

One major source has dropped review scores and the prevailing notion is that this is what our industry needs. This isn’t true.

Posted on 01/19/15
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The gaming industry is in dire need of publications that offer professionalism in spades. Polygon is a high watermark for game journalism.

Posted on 01/12/15
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Other entertainment venues have their all-star critics but the gaming industry really doesn’t. Is it because our critics are simply nowhere near as good?

Posted on 01/8/15
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With numerous examples of games performing poorly out of the gate in 2014, gamers should be more interested in stable, solid products in 2015.

Posted on 01/7/15
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