// Staff Picks

When it comes to certain niche Japanese titles, you want a critic who understands the genre and the audience. You also want an in-depth, accurate analysis.

Posted on 07/18/14

For our latest honored review, we select one that’s both in-depth and charismatic. After all, for a game like Mousecraft, you need to have a personality.

Posted on 07/14/14
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The Wolf Among Us has reached its end, and The Escapist’s Greg Tito does this fantastic series justice by producing a well-written, thoughtful analysis.

Posted on 07/11/14
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The updated Guacamelee! is now available on the PlayStation 4, and we selected Gaming Age’s passionate, informed analysis as our latest honored review.

Posted on 07/7/14
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// Community Corner

We’ve all heard this statement many times before, but it’s spoken by those who don’t understand the proper role of a critic.

Posted on 07/21/14
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When an updated version of a last-gen game gets this much attention, you know something is amiss. The insane hype for this game isn’t really merited.

Posted on 07/16/14
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For some reason, the gaming public has this seriously skewed view of video game critics. It’s hardly glamorous and really, there’s no reason to be jealous.

Posted on 07/11/14
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When a game has a proposed 10-year lifespan and functions very much like an “MMOFPS,” the analysis shouldn’t end with launch-day reviews.

Posted on 07/9/14
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