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It was supposed to be the spiritual successor to the legendary Mega Man IP but as our favorite review tells us, the lofty ambitions fall shy.

Posted on 06/22/16

It’s the 17th entry in this long-running JRPG franchise and fans everywhere will appreciate its finely-tuned familiarity. Just ask the experts at RPGFan.

Posted on 06/16/16

This reboot has been a long time coming and though it trips and stumbles here and there, Digital Spy says it can still get your heart pounding.

Posted on 06/8/16
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The second and final expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has finally arrived, and this review captures the add-on perfectly. More Geralt goodness!

Posted on 06/3/16
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// Community Corner

With the much more powerful Xbox Scorpio set for 2017 and Sony’s PlayStation 4 Neo looming somewhere on the horizon, are more gamers now considering PC?

Posted on 06/24/16
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There was a time when I had a soft spot for raucous, admittedly mindless action. But as time has passed, I find I might have outgrown the Doom mentality.

Posted on 06/9/16
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Questions, questions everywhere...

It seems obvious that a big reason a new PlayStation 4 exists is because of virtual reality. But if you’ve got no interest in VR, do you still want PS4K?

Posted on 06/4/16
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Somehow, this development team always remains the class of the development world. How have they managed to do this for so many years?

Posted on 05/21/16
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