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Mortal Kombat X is bound to be one of the most controversial titles of 2015. For one of the best analyses of this visceral game, visit Digital Trends.

Posted on 04/17/15
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If you want to read one of the better reviews for an indie smash hit, check out Push Square’s excellent, colorful analysis of Bastion. It’s a definite winner.

Posted on 04/9/15
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If you remember the good ol’ days with a particular fondness, Axiom Verge might be for you. And for a top-notch evaluation, visit PSU.

Posted on 04/1/15
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There are lots of great Bloodborne reviews out there but our favorite can be found at GameSpot, where critic Kevin VanOrd pens a spectacular analysis.

Posted on 03/27/15
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// Community Corner

It’s an all-too-common accusation these days: Blaming developers for holding back content for the sake of premium DLC. But let’s clarify.

Posted on 04/22/15
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It’s bound to be one of the most brutal video games ever, and it’ll prove offensive to some. Should this factor impact an overall review score, though?

Posted on 04/10/15
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The video game critic has a bad reputation but why? What are the reasons behind the general dislike and distrust of critics in this industry?

Posted on 04/3/15
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The theory is that harder games tend to score better among industry critics, while easier games are actually docked. Does Bloodborne prove this theory?

Posted on 03/25/15
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