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Western gamers might finally flock to the vaunted Japanese-centric franchise, provided Capcom keeps producing gems like this.

Posted on 03/3/15

After much deliberation, we’ve selected PSU’s The Order: 1886 review for a variety of simple reasons. First and foremost, it’s what a review should be.

Posted on 02/26/15
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If you’re looking for a great review of the recently released Evolve that tackles all the critical points with aplomb, check out IGN’s evaluation.

Posted on 02/12/15
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When you tackle a dramatic, even poetic game, you need to approach the review in the same fashion. That’s why this review is a welcome analysis.

Posted on 02/2/15
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Why Are Review Scores So Important? 'Cuz Nobody Reads

Several of our critics are perfectly willing to admit: There’s a nasty little secret circulating among the review community, and we’re exposing it.

Posted on 02/27/15
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They’ve always been the brand’s bread-and-butter but ever since their latest console released, the exclusive have fallen shy of expectations.

Posted on 02/21/15
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Rumor has it that The Order: 1886 is a relatively short game. Should this have a profoundly negative impact on review scores?

Posted on 02/16/15
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Two important titles for the PS4 are on the horizon, but which one will capture the hearts of critics? Which will be in line for end-of-year awards?

Posted on 02/5/15
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