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Destiny appears to be doing just fine...when it's reviewed by smaller outlets. Odd.

There are bound to be lots of destiny reviews out there, so why not get two for the price of one? Polygon offers two very well-written and candid opinions.

Posted on 09/12/14
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It’s another installment of The Sims, but does it deliver exactly what the fans desire? Well, yes and no; here’s a great review that explains the highs and lows.

Posted on 09/9/14
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It’s a game that embraces old-school tenets and offers some modern-day flash, and for the best analysis of this blend, make sure to visit Digital Spy.

Posted on 09/5/14
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Here’s a sequel that delivers satisfies all expectations, as indicated by an excellent and informed analysis from RPG Site.

Posted on 09/2/14
// Community Corner

One of our vets explains why many critics didn’t handle the Destiny review properly, and says it’s all a matter of expectations versus reality.

Posted on 09/17/14
The Bigger the Source, the Less They Like Destiny

For whatever reason, it seems like the industry’s biggest critics have the biggest ax to grind concerning Destiny. It’s a trend well worth discussing.

Posted on 09/14/14
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Metacritic only posts that which others have written. It doesn’t produce any content of its own. Hence, if gamers produce immature garbage, it’s on them.

Posted on 09/9/14
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We tackle a common issue in the realm of competitive multiplayer: Campers. Here’s why they tend to ruin the fun for all serious players.

Posted on 09/4/14
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