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This great collection receives the proper respect and analysis from one of the industry’s best review outlets. Phoenix Wright fans, enjoy!

Posted on 12/12/14
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Lara Croft is back in another twin-stick dungeon-crawling adventure and for one of the better analyses available, make sure to visit EGM.

Posted on 12/11/14
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Super Smash Bros. has just landed on the Wii U and for the most informed and entertaining analysis out there, visit Nintendo Life.

Posted on 12/4/14
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Far Cry 4 utilizes a tried-and-true sandbox formula while offering a few new tricks and twists. As EGM says, it’s a thrilling good ride.

Posted on 11/26/14
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// Community Corner
Console War: Does Anything Matter More Than Price?

Xbox One won November and could win December but is it entirely because of the temporary price drop? Or are other factors at play?

Posted on 12/19/14

The much-vaunted PlayStation Experience didn’t really yield a ton of surprise and enthusiasm. Did Sony miss a great opportunity?

Posted on 12/8/14
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Now that Ubisoft has issued multiple patches that fixed many of the glaring issues in Assassin’s Creed Unity, should critics offer a second analysis?

Posted on 12/1/14
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It's another game that shipped with some serious bugs...what's going on?

Assassin’s Creed Unity shipped with a slew of technical problems and although Ubisoft has rushed to fix them, gamers don’t forget easily.

Posted on 11/21/14
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