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It’s one of the most controversial releases of 2014 but if you want the most comprehensive, detailed review out there, check out Eurogamer.

Posted on 11/20/14
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If you’re looking for a comprehensive, entertaining and wildly informative review of the new Dragon Age adventure, Joystiq has you covered.

Posted on 11/12/14
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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is here and it’s a great challenge for all critics. Here’s one who tackles the challenge with an excellent approach.

Posted on 11/5/14
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Lords of the Fallen is worth a look if you’re up for the dark, fantastical challenge. If you’re uncertain, check out Push Square’s tight review.

Posted on 10/31/14
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// Community Corner
It's another game that shipped with some serious bugs...what's going on?

Assassin’s Creed Unity shipped with a slew of technical problems and although Ubisoft has rushed to fix them, gamers don’t forget easily.

Posted on 11/21/14
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Given the outpouring of praise from critics, Dragon Age: Inquisition appears to be a lock for the year’s top honors.

Posted on 11/14/14
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With a new developer, a declining franchise, and sky-high expectations in a new generation, are these Call of Duty review scores shocking?

Posted on 11/7/14
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At the start of 2014, if you had to guess which titles would be Game of the Year candidates, you would’ve been very surprised at the outcome.

Posted on 10/29/14
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