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The new Zelda adventure is finally here and critics are fawning all over it; the outpouring of praise is reminiscent of when GTAIII shocked the gaming world. Yep, GamesRadar says it’s THAT good.

Posted on 03/11/17
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This PS4 exclusive is rocking critic socks, which is great to see. And we found a particularly fantastic analysis at Digital Spy, so if you’re curious about the game with robot dinosaurs…

Posted on 03/4/17
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When you toss Knights, Vikings and Samurai into a medieval free-for-all, what’s the result? Well, for that answer, we suggest checking out The Telegraph’s stunningly great analysis of the recently released For Honor.

Posted on 02/25/17
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Halo Wars has returned and for one of the most informative and entertaining reviews available, we strongly urge you to check out EGM.

Posted on 02/18/17
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Those who have been playing video games for a long time may flinch at this question. The truth can be difficult to face but hell, aging is difficult to begin with, so let’s tackle it.

Posted on 02/11/17
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The launch lineup for Nintendo’s new console has been revealed and frankly, it’s just one giant kick in the face. FOUR games at launch? Seriously?!

Posted on 01/14/17
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Everyone disparages the ongoing console wars but in all honesty, if this gigantic aspect of the industry goes the way of the dodo, the entire landscape will change. And maybe not for the better.

Posted on 01/7/17
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It’s a beautiful game – it really is – with a ton of appeal and a boatload of ingenuity. So why does is it also proof of a continued lagging on the part of Japanese game developers?

Posted on 01/2/17
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