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The sequel to one of the most critically acclaimed titles on PlayStation Vita has arrived, but is the follow-up effort on PS4 worthy of more praise?

Posted on 01/21/17

Suda51 is back with a new effort and a fresh approach (free-to-play is just SO attractive to designers now), but is his latest worthy of your time and attention? Hardcore Gamer has the answer.

Posted on 12/31/16
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The latest Pokemon iterations are here and if you’re considering adding Sun and Moon to your collection, we suggest you check out this stellar review we found at Arcade Sushi.

Posted on 12/21/16
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The Last Guardian has arrived at long last and if you’re wondering how it turned out, look no further than this stunningly excellent analysis.

Posted on 12/10/16
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The launch lineup for Nintendo’s new console has been revealed and frankly, it’s just one giant kick in the face. FOUR games at launch? Seriously?!

Posted on 01/14/17
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Everyone disparages the ongoing console wars but in all honesty, if this gigantic aspect of the industry goes the way of the dodo, the entire landscape will change. And maybe not for the better.

Posted on 01/7/17
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It’s a beautiful game – it really is – with a ton of appeal and a boatload of ingenuity. So why does is it also proof of a continued lagging on the part of Japanese game developers?

Posted on 01/2/17
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Final Fantasy XV has arrived and has earned decent critical acclaim. But here’s one long-time fan who won’t touch Square Enix’s latest with a ten-foot cattle prod.

Posted on 11/30/16
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