A Singular Minecraft Review…Written All in Verse!

You know, gamers are an extremely creative bunch. As video games are indeed an art form (we will always believe that), when analyzing them, one is often inspired.

That’s the case for gamrReview’s Matt Ashbaugh, who gave us one of the most unique reviews in recent memory.

Minecraft Title

His entire review of the uber-popular Minecraft is all in verse, which is worthy of your attention and praise.

Read Matt Ashbaugh’s Minecraft review here!

Why We Like It:

— Obviously, the unique structure leaps right out at you. How often have you seen a game review written entirely in verse? It makes us all appreciate the originality and imagination of the critic in question.

— It fits. We’re talking about Minecraft, which is extremely creative. It’s based on gamer creativity. So, what better way to produce an analysis?

— It’s not just done for the sake of the verse. You get the information you need as well, which is a definite feat!

Maybe Matt should try this again with the right game!

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