Abzu Gets a Stellar, Poetic Review From HonestGamers

A surreal and rewarding experience that doesn't quite become masterful.

A surreal and rewarding experience that doesn’t quite become masterful.

Ever since Journey wowed gamers and critics alike, we’ve been wondering when we might see the next reflective, oddly cerebral solo adventure. Well, Giant Squid Games followed the path blazed by Thatgamecompany and delivered Abzu, an intriguing underwater quest that is both beautiful and thought-provoking.

For one of the better reviews out there, we suggest turning to HonestGamers, where critic Philip Kendall penned an excellent and ultimately fitting review. Obviously, the comparisons to the award-winning Journey make perfect sense, and that helps give the reader a foundation. But we go beyond that with this review and when we’re done reading, we have a firm understanding of what to expect from this admittedly minimalist undersea trek.

Is it satisfying? Will it be something you will both enjoy and appreciate? These are questions this review attempts to answer and as such, we applaud it. Congrats, Philip!

Why We Like It:

A nicely paced and well-written review, which keeps us interested. It’s not about separating out individual elements of the production; it’s about bringing them all together in one appealing package.

— Though not especially deep or very large, the critic still treats the game with the proper amount of respect. There may not be as much to talk about when compared to the likes of big-budget productions, but there’s still plenty to analyze.

The writing reflects the game’s style and presentation, which is both somewhat poetic and occasionally mysterious. It’s always a good idea for a critic to capture any entertainment product’s spirit.

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This is a really cool game. Anybody who likes Thatgamecompany’s stuff should give it a try. It’s not AS good as Journey but then again, that’s not really fair ‘cuz nothing is. 😛

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