Advanced Warfare Scores: Biggest Surprise of 2014?

It is faring very well in the eyes of critics, and that's kinda surprising.

It is faring very well in the eyes of critics, and that’s kinda surprising.

After Call of Duty: Ghosts, the doom and gloom was everywhere.

Ever since, gamers have been sour on the franchise; even the long-time fans admitted to a backslide in the once-venerated series. After the glorious reemergence of the IP with Modern Warfare, many years of annualization and a perceived lack of freshness and innovation have taken their toll.

Now, we have a brand new generation – and expectations for every new product are that much higher – and a relatively untested developer in Sledgehammer Games. The team helped with the franchise in the past but they’ve never been at the helm of a new title. On top of which, many questioned the futuristic setting for Advanced Warfare, and the admittedly cool Exosuit didn’t go over well with some avid followers.

But it seems like critics and gamers everywhere are really enjoying the new Call of Duty, and as such, this could be the biggest surprise of 2014.

It's an explosive game with lots of appeal, and people are loving it.

It’s an explosive game with lots of appeal, and people are loving it.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are currently averaging an 83 at Metacritic and while that isn’t sky-high, don’t forget that Ghosts only managed low-to-mid 70s. It’s true that previous entries like Modern Warfare III did score a little better (Metascore of about 88) but we’re seeing evidence of stricter critics, perhaps in an effort to fix the skewed 10-point scale. Besides, one could also argue that many were predisposed to dislike Advanced Warfare before it even released.

There have been lots of surprises this year, but they’ve usually been negative. Big-name titles fell shy of expectations according to review scores, as games like Watch Dogs and Destiny didn’t quite live up to lofty expectations. Now, we’ve got arguably the most controversial franchise in the industry netting higher review scores than both aforementioned titles…and that’s damn significant.

Who would’ve predicted that at the start of 2014?

5 thoughts on “Advanced Warfare Scores: Biggest Surprise of 2014?”

I’m sorry but I’m always surprised when a Call of Duty scores well.


It’s an excellent entry in the franchise and CoD definitely needed it. I don’t think we can deny that the game is good, even if we’re not fans.

It’s good but it’s not great. I don’t think Call of Duty will ever reclaim the awesomeness that was Modern Warfare.

I think a lot of people would agree with you.

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