Advanced Warfare: Will the Review Scores Even Matter?


The name along has such mammoth review scores even matter anymore?

The name along has such mammoth pull…do review scores even matter anymore?

It’s just so big. Maybe it’s immune.

We always hear from publishers and analysts, who say review scores often have a huge impact on the sales potential of any entertainment property. This goes double for video games, for some reason. While a totally panned movie can break box office records, you probably won’t find a game with a Metascore of 4 breaking any sales records.

Entire development teams and even publishers have bit the dust due to poorly received products. However, when you start talking about multi-billion-dollar companies like Activision, and the biggest names in gaming history, review scores begin to lose their impact.

Who knows if a low review score could ever stop the fright train that is CoD.

Who knows if a low review score could ever stop the fright train that is CoD.

The fans are probably going to buy the game, regardless of the scores. It really could average about a 4 and chances are, it’ll still top sales charts. However, that being said, such a poor reception will still have at least some impact; in fact, one could argue that last year’s lower-than-anticipated scores for Ghosts contributed to very un-CoD-like numbers.

Sure, it still sold ridiculously well. Couldn’t top Grand Theft Auto V, though, could it? And several of its predecessors still outperformed Ghosts.

This year, the hype will continue to grow from here on out. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is not only a CoD title, it’s also the first next-gen CoD effort. That alone could erase much of the power of the review score. Lastly – and this should be noted – we’re wondering if critics will ever start issuing two separate scores: One for the multiplayer and one for the campaign.

The fans probably don't care in the slightest what scores the game gets...right?

The fans probably don’t care in the slightest what scores the game gets…right?

It may sound silly but in fact, there are many gamers out there who would appreciate this approach. And such an approach might indeed have a bigger impact on sales, simply because a number is attached to the two most important elements of the game: Single-player aficionados will know immediately if the narrative is worth tackling, and multiplayer fans will get their pertinent information as well.

So, what do you think? Will the review scores for Advanced Warfare matter? And if so, how much will they matter?

7 thoughts on “Advanced Warfare: Will the Review Scores Even Matter?”

Review scores will matter but not very much. All anyone will see is that “Call of Duty” title on the box and that’ll be good enough.

Yay. :rolling eyes:

That’s my biggest problem: That the franchise is too big for review scores to matter.

Never really got into CoD so I don’t care. But I bet the fans stopped reading reviews a long time ago.

The reviews for Advanced Warfare might be higher than any of us think…but that may not have much impact on sales.

It’ll sell a gazillion copies regardless.

I don’t think the scores will be very high. Can’t go by a flash debut video, ya know. Have to see some gameplay before making that prediction.

Yeah, but we have a lot of narrative and gameplay details already, and they’re all pretty promising, IMO.

Besides, Kevin Spacey! 🙂

CoD. Bah.

I’m not saying Advanced Warfare won’t be good. I’m just saying I don’t care…although I bet the reviews will be worth reading, at any rate.

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