Angry Joe: The Critic We Love to Hate…Or Hate to Love?

Angry Joe is a critic with a lot of...singular panache.

Angry Joe is a critic with a lot of…singular panache.

Yesterday, we discussed one of the game industry’s most prolific and controversial critics to date, Jim Sterling. Hero or villain? It was a split decision among the crew here at VGRHQ.

During that same conversation, Angry Joe came up. Obviously, he doesn’t only review video games, but he’s certainly a recognizable name and personality within the gaming world. And he tends to generate the same strong opinions as Sterling…

The similarities between Sterling and Angry Joe are interesting as well. One could argue that both critics got big by having an immature, angry attitude. Furthermore, one notices that as time went on, both toned down a bit, became funnier and even irreverent.

So, where do we stand on the Angry Joe issue? Here’s a snippet from our discussion. And apologies on not having a podcast yet; we’re just getting started here.

He's mad and he's gonna tell you why.

He’s mad and he’s gonna tell you why.

“I remember when I first saw him…it made me laugh so hard I choked.”

“Oh yeah, some of his earlier stuff was just insane.”

“That’s the thing, though: He has changed a bit over the years and maybe we should focus on how and why he got big.”

This is where we started to talk about the reasons behind a critic’s popularity. To make a long story short, we concluded that at least in the world of video games, 99.9 percent of the fanbase is online, and on top of which, they’re part of an interactive video hobby. Therefore, having an Angry Joe YouTube take on a game really fits into the culture, wouldn’t you say?

“Yeah, basically,” said one of our team. “Again, like Sterling, I’m not sure this guy would flourish as a legit critic for any other industry.”

“Well, he does do movies and stuff.”

“You have a point.”

“I think the key is that, strangely, in the online world, people are drawn to ‘angry and weird,’ which is precisely why Angry Joe got big to start with.”

“Yes, ‘angry and weird’ is the calling card of the Internet.”

Lots of personality that people gravitate toward, but is he critic and a journalist?

Lots of personality that people gravitate toward, but is he critic and a journalist?

And maybe that has a lot to do with it. The issue as to whether or not Angry Joe can actually write a great review remains in question; the issue as to whether or not Angry Joe would pass as an actual journalist also remains in question. At the same time, what doesn’t remain in question is his massive popularity.

As a game critic, where does he rank? Once again, it’s hard to say. Given all the factors and considerations, one has to wonder if it’s less about the person and more about the Internet environment. In the end, we can’t decide:

Angry Joe, one of the premier critics in the gaming industry, with a singular, hilarious approach to reviewing? Or, Angry Joe, just another loudmouth malcontent who got attention simply by being a loudmouth malcontent.


9 thoughts on “Angry Joe: The Critic We Love to Hate…Or Hate to Love?”

Oh man, Angry Joe.

All I can say is that I almost always laugh when I watch him. Not sure if he’s a journalist or even a critic in the strictest sense of the terms, but he IS entertaining.

And this hobby is all about entertainment, right? 😉

I’m more on the fence with this guy than I was with Sterling. LOL

There are times when I love to watch him and other times when I just can’t stand him. Maybe that’s the point, though…maybe you have to be in sort of an edgy mood to appreciate his brand of humor to begin with.

That’s definitely part of it. You have to be in the mood to tolerate/appreciate this guy.

Yeah, but that’s the thing:

I usually am in that sort of mood and even then, I’m not impressed with anything Angry Joe does.

Well, maybe it depends on the viewer’s personality, too. 🙂

Well, all I know is that he makes me laugh. There are times when that’s all I want from a review…not sure what that says about me though. 😉

Don’t like this guy as much as Sterling. I think Sterling has more direct game knowledge and because of that, he’s more informative and has more interesting insight.

Angry Joe is either just funny or angry. I don’t learn that much in watching his reviews.

You’re right that Sterling has more of a gaming background. But I think that’s why more of the mainstream gamers like Angry Joe, because he’s more accessible.

I’m not really sure what background he has in the industry and find his reviews somewhat entertaining but ultimately uninformative and lacking in substance despite what seems to me, to be unnecessarily long videos. Also, I get the feeling that he is trying to pan to two audiences. The people who played it and did like the title and people who played it and didn’t; and not really helping those who have yet to decide weather or not to even rent or buy it. Which I thought was the point of a review? I very well could be missing something or misinterpreting things but that’s my $0.75

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