Arcade Sushi Publishes A Shining Review Of Pokemon Sun And Moon

Pokemon will never die.

And as far as millions of fans are concerned, that’s just fine. The long-running and now-legendary series has spawned a ton of supremely popular video games dating back to the Gameboy Advance and now, Nintendo 3DS owners can indulge in the latest and greatest. This time, it takes the form of Pokemon Sun and Moon, which have been receiving all sorts of critical acclaim since their release. If you’re still on the fence, though, we suggest you head on over to Arcade Sushi, where you’ll find an extremely well-appointed and informative review.

Critic Jason Fanelli delivers a great analysis that encompasses both games and tells us precisely what we need to know. And he’s not only writing for the die-hard fans; those who are new to the Pokemon fold will still find plenty of helpful information. Furthermore, regardless of any personal affinity for the series in question, this critic manages to provide the gaming public with an objective, wonderfully detailed evaluation that doesn’t waste time with pointless tangents or other subjective ramblings.

Jason is a multiple honoree here at VGRHQ; he was first recognized for his awesome Madden NFL 15 review way back when. Congrats again!

Why We Like It:

A great introduction kicks off a great review; a critical trait far too many reviews are missing. That first paragraph must be inviting and interesting if you want the reader to keep reading…

— Without drawing in too much of the franchise’s history and any personal feelings about the IP, the critic pens a complete, robust, analysis that focuses almost entirely on each game’s pluses and minuses.

Well-written and comfortably presented, which results in an informative review that’s still fun to read.

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I’m sorry, I just don’t get why these games have always been so ridiculously popular.



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