Arcade Sushi Rocks a Slick Amplitude Review

It's clean and refined, even if the song selection isn't quite robust enough.

It’s clean and refined, even if the song selection isn’t quite robust enough.

The music/rhythm genre tailed off after the Guitar Hero and Rock Band craze died down in the previous generation. However, both once-massively popular IPs returned to warm welcomes in 2015, and we’re starting to see a resurgence of old-school rhythm games as well. We got Rock Band Blitz back in 2012 and for PS4 owners, they get access to the PS2 classic, PaRappa the Rapper 2.

Speaking of PS2 classics, titles called FreQuency and Amplitude were much beloved back in that era, and Harmonix has decided to bring back Amplitude with an attractive layer of polish and glitz. If you’re interested, you should definitely check out Arcade Sushi’s review, which is well-structured, to-the-point, and entertaining. Critic Jon Ledford pens an accessible analysis that tells us everything we need to know. He doesn’t assume that everyone reading is a fan of the original but at the same time, he understands that such a game doesn’t require a lot of tangents and philosophizing.

It’s a simple, straightforward review that is just perfect for this reboot, and we love it.

Congrats, Jon!

Why We Like It:

The structure is tight and well-defined, as we move through a quick history, evaluation of the controls and overall gameplay, and the visuals. Well done.

— As a music-based game, there’s always going to be subjectivity in regards to the songs, but this critic uses objectivity in noting the somewhat one-dimensional selection, which could have an impact on a gamer’s purchase decision.

— Doesn’t waste a lot of time blathering about points that don’t really matter. There just aren’t any wasted words here, which is great.

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3 thoughts on “Arcade Sushi Rocks a Slick Amplitude Review”

I LOVED Amplitude but if all those songs I used to love are missing, or they don’t have a bigger diversity (don’t really like electronic stuff), then I’m sadly not interested.


The low budget for this (it was a Kickstarter project, after all) obviously had a negative impact on the song selection.

I gotta try this, even though I know I’ll suck at it. LOL

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