Attack on Titan Lands a Titanic Review From Forbes


If you had a blast with games like Bleach and Asura’s Wrath and you’re a confirmed anime fan, you might be drooling at the thought of the recently released Attack on Titan. Brutally fast and every bit as visceral and gritty as the popular Japanese anime, Omega Force’s driving action game is getting some decent reviews. But if you want all your questions answered and you appreciate a well-written, nicely appointed analysis, you should head over to Forbes.

Critic Ollie Barder pens a stellar analysis of the game in question, as he understands the audience for this particular product. In this way, even hardcore fans will be appeased. But he also manages to produce a review that newcomers will also appreciate; all action fans should give it a read. With an existing knowledge of past efforts in the franchise along with a well-structured evaluation that highlights the most critical aspects of the experience, this critic has the chops to deliver a complete review.

And when we say “complete,” it’s high praise because for some reason, many reviews we read today don’t come across as “complete.” This one qualifies.

Congrats, Ollie!

Why We Like It:

— It’s tough to produce a review that both hardcore fans and casual newcomers will like, but this particular analysis should satisfy just about every type of gamer.

— While the critic compares the game to past entries in the series (and the anime itself), the review doesn’t get bogged down with constant comparisons; the game’s merits rightfully remain at the forefront.

Puts appropriate emphasis on the gameplay control and mechanics. For an experience like this, such elements are even more critical than they might be in other games, so this is a must.

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This game is surprisingly good and I didn’t think it would be. There’s a lot to like from an action AND design standpoint and anime fans are really gonna love it, I think.

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