Battlefront is Gaming’s Equivalent of the Brainless Blockbuster Movie

It's fun and accessible but of course, it doesn't have a brain in its pretty little head.

It’s fun and accessible but of course, it doesn’t have a brain in its pretty little head.

It’s the brainless summer blockbuster, only for the holidays. It’s the simple, accessible, mostly entertaining product that a very wide audience can enjoy, provided they don’t think too much. It’s the flashy, substance-less game that doesn’t require much in the way of practice or patience, but delivers the slam-bang effects and ceaseless action the attention-addled masses demand. It is, in short, something we’ve been seeing in the film industry for decades.

Star Wars: Battlefront isn’t a bad game. It’s actually pretty fun, and relatively well designed and presented. It also runs well, which is a feather in the cap of the developers, as we’ve seen several instances of terribly unstable launches in recent years (Battlefield 4The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, etc.) That being said, there also isn’t much to it. It doesn’t have the depth, customization options, or overall longevity of most multiplayer-centric games. It makes Call of Duty look like a hardcore shooter of dense proportions. But that’s the point: It’s a mass-market game and we’re going to start seeing lots more of these.

The casual market dominates the industry, as any analyst will tell you. The core crowd can certainly still drive market share and revenue, as evidenced by the success of certain 2015 titles like Bloodborne. But the directive from above – ala publishers – is clear to all developers right now: If you wish to reach the largest audience possible, you have to streamline the production; you have to water things down; you have to embrace accessibility at the obvious sacrifice of substance and depth. It’s the directive of any producer of any entertainment product that has to cater to the masses. Dumber and louder.

Of course, you’re certainly allowed to have fun with it. Nobody’s saying you can’t. And you can’t deny the benefit of such products, as the industry continues to rake in money. With these resources, we can attract top-tier talent (remember when programmers had to write a lot of the scripts for games back in the 16-bit days?) in all facets of development, and we can reach more and more people with massive advertising budgets. Just like with most things, there are pluses and minuses to this expanding trend. Even so, we’re allowed to label things as they are and in this case, we all know what Battlefront is, correct?

Let’s just be honest about it.

3 thoughts on “Battlefront is Gaming’s Equivalent of the Brainless Blockbuster Movie”

Battlefront is basically this. Just a brainless action game that not even hardcore Star Wars fans really like.

Another shooter and that’s it.

Not sure that’s fair. I know several big Star Wars fans who love the game. They admit it’s pretty shallow and even simplistic but they’re still having fun with it.

I tried the beta but didn’t like it. I’m just not that much of a Star Wars fan so that’s probably why.

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