Bloodborne vs. The Order: 1886: Which Nets Higher Scores?

The Order: 1886 has a chance at pulling down high scores...but can it outscore Bloodborne?

The Order: 1886 has a chance at pulling down high scores…but can it outscore Bloodborne?

PlayStation 4 will receive two new exclusive IPs over the course of the next seven weeks or so: The first is The Order: 1886, a third-person, narrative-driven action/adventure, and the second is Bloodborne, a challenging RPG along the lines of the Dark Souls series (created by the same developers, From Software). But which one has the best chance of landing higher review scores? Which one is more likely to wow the critics? Or, if we’re being pessimistic, will either score very well? Perhaps both will fall shy of expectations.

In examining current reviewing trends in the industry, it seems March’s title, Bloodborne, has better scoring potential. Critics typically responded well to Demon’s Souls and the Dark Souls entries, and many are quick to reward difficult games for the sake of being “hardcore” or a “true gamer’s game.” Yes, there is this elitist streak through the game critic community, whether they wish to admit it or not. Plus, we have to admit that the darker a game is, the more people seem to like it. Perhaps that’s a separate commentary so we’ll leave it for now.

Does Bloodborne have the inside track to high critical praise?

Does Bloodborne have the inside track to high critical praise?

As for The Order: 1886, not only has it already been accused of being a “generic third-person shooter,” but it’s also linear. In a world of increasing virtual openness, where many look down their noses at linear adventures, it appears this game is facing an uphill battle. Toss in the fact that it’s a brand new IP – while one could argue Bloodborne is a Dark Souls spin-off of sorts – and you’ve got a game that may not break out of the 7s when it arrives. It’s all going to come down to story, atmosphere, and whether or not critics do perceive it as being generic, repetitive, uninspired, etc.

There’s no doubt that either way, the PS4 needs these games to perform well. The system didn’t really have any heavy-hitting exclusives in 2014 (with a few exceptions, like inFamous: Second Son), and the holiday season mostly consisted of third-party offerings. As PlayStation is a brand that has always thrived on its first-party productions, it’s a little disconcerting. On top of which, let’s not forget that we’re now well into the second year of a new generation and thus far, many would argue that we haven’t been blown away just yet. Perhaps one of these two games will accomplish that feat…

5 thoughts on “Bloodborne vs. The Order: 1886: Which Nets Higher Scores?”

Bloodborne, definitely. I have a bad feeling The Order: 1886 will get like 5s and 6s. It’s as if all the critics have been gearing up for the past year to bash the hell out of that game.

Don’t care. I know which one I want and it isn’t The Order.

Hmm…I’d say Bloodborne just because as Cloud says, everyone seems ready to jump all over The Order as being generic. I have no interest in Bloodborne though.

I actually think both might end up scoring similarly. There are a lot of people out there who still love third-person shooters, even if they’re linear…hello, Uncharted? 😉

Yeah, but the industry is in a VERY different place today than it was when Uncharted debuted.

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