Community Corner

Jim Sterling: The Best/Worst Thing to Happen to Video Games?

We examine the rise of one of the industry’s most popular and controversial critics, and ask the question: Good or Bad for the industry?

There’s No Such Thing As a “Perfect” Review Score

It’s the word “perfect” that causes all sorts of confusion, and we’re here to clarify matters. The best score possible doesn’t mean “flawless.”

Advanced Warfare: Will the Review Scores Even Matter?

Considering the massive popularity of the franchise in question, review scores may have little impact on sales.

Critics Love Child of Light…But Are They Nostalgia Victims?

Are professional critics too easily affected by the attractive bug that is nostalgia? We examine the evidence and come to a reasonable conclusion.

PS4 vs. Xbox One: Which Exclusive Titles Will Score Higher?

As this generation unfolds, which console will end up with the higher-scoring exclusive software? It’s critical!

Your Chance to Scream: “This is What’s WRONG With Critics Today!”

VGRHQ gives you a chance to be heard. Win an op-ed opportunity and a GameStop gift card for joining the community and making your presence felt!

Do Console Wars Affect Review Scores? Yes and No

The VGRHQ crew speaks candidly about how console wars and online arguments might affect review scores.

Why Do Gamers Continue to Whine About Metacritic?

We explain why complaints about sites like Metacritic and GameRankings don’t make much sense at all.

Who Will Deliver the Best Watch Dogs Review?

When one of this year’s hottest games finally hits store shelves, which sources will you visit to check out reviews?

Which Source or Critic Produced the Best Titanfall Review?

Of all the Titanfall reviews published out there, which critic wrote the best one, in your estimation?