Community Corner

Gamer Hate for Critics Will Only Get You Crappy Critics

It’s a vicious circle the gaming community can’t seem to grasp: If you keep bashing critics, no matter how hard they work, you’re going to get garbage critics.

Should The Witcher 3 Be Disqualified from GotY Awards?

It was a game that launched with a laundry list of issues and while the developers have indeed fixed it, can we really gloss over the first few months?

Final Fantasy VII Remake Could Be a Financial Disaster

We may not have all the details just yet but Square Enix should be concerned. Rather than being a cash cow, Final Fantasy VII Remake could be a market flop.

Gee, Microsoft Sure Gets Quiet When They’re Losing

Microsoft hasn’t exactly been burning up the PR scene so far this generation, but one easily remembers all the crowing and posturing from the previous era.

Battlefront is Gaming’s Equivalent of the Brainless Blockbuster Movie

It’s like the flashy, big-budget holiday movie…only it’s a game. As the industry continues to grow, we’ll see more of these mass appeal products.

Fallout 4 Will Show Which Critics Put a Premium on Graphics

Many have complained about Fallout 4’s graphics ever since the game was revealed and if it’s lackluster, we’ll see which critics put more emphasis on visual quality.

Why You Can’t Trust Some Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Reviews

There are times when a franchise strikes a certain chord with the critical community and as a result, bias and personal tendencies start to dominate.

If You Love Final Fantasy VII, You Will Hate the FFVII Remake

Ironically, while Square Enix is clearly preparing the Final Fantasy VII Remake for die-hard fans of the game, it’s precisely those fans who will detest it.

Is Call of Duty Really One of the Greatest Franchises in History?

Call of Duty is an iconic name and holder of seemingly countless sales records. But can it really be considered as one of the finest game IPs ever?

Does Xbox One Have Any Chance of Catching PlayStation 4?

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has shot out to a substantial lead this generation and Microsoft’s Xbox One has to play catch-up. But will the gap close?

Did Metal Gear’s Legendary Name Factor Into MGSV Review Scores?

Is it feasible that Metal Gear Solid’s strong, even legendary, reputation resulted in a small bias on the part of critics? And is this necessarily a bad thing?

PS4’s Success Proves the Power of Positive Hype

PlayStation 4 has a substantial lead this generation and it could be attributed entirely to the overwhelmingly positive hype at the start of the era.

Should Critics Ignore Minor Flaws in Open-World Games?

It’s inevitable that open-world sandbox games will have a few flaws. The question is, should critics overlook those issues that don’t hinder the gameplay?

Were Developers Simply Unprepared for This Generation?

Given the fact that so many high-profile games have released with so many problems this generation, one wonders if and why developers weren’t prepared.

Top 5 Reasons Why Open-World Domination is Bad for Gaming

It seems like every major new announcement features an open-world structure. But the destruction of the linear adventure isn’t a universal good.