Staff Picks

Joystiq Offers a Fabulous Dragon Age: Inquisition Review

If you’re looking for a comprehensive, entertaining and wildly informative review of the new Dragon Age adventure, Joystiq has you covered.

Giant Bomb’s Advanced Warfare Review Stands Out

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is here and it’s a great challenge for all critics. Here’s one who tackles the challenge with an excellent approach.

Push Square Produces a Great Lords of the Fallen Review

Lords of the Fallen is worth a look if you’re up for the dark, fantastical challenge. If you’re uncertain, check out Push Square’s tight review.

God is a Geek Pens a Top-Notch Borderlands Pre-Sequel Review

Familiarity isn’t a bad thing but if you’re not convinced, let God is a Geek explain in their excellent evaluation of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

The Guardian Deftly Analyzes The Evil Within

The Evil Within is a little uneven and somewhat underwhelming, but The Guardian explains why it’s still catnip for survival/horror purists.

GameSpot Offers a Chillingly Candid Take on Alien: Isolation

Avid fans of the franchise want the unvarnished truth and GameSpot’s Kevin VanOrd delivers that truth, while still remaining modestly encouraged.

IGN Drives Home a Stellar Driveclub Review

IGN explains why Driveclub is an ambitious, fun racer that just barely misses the elite label. This is an energetic, atmospheric review that we love!

GamesRadar’s Middle-earth Review Brings the Game to Life

If you want a comprehensive, atmospheric review that perfectly reflects the game’s sweeping scope, check out GameRadar’s great analysis.

Game Informer Pays Appropriate Homage to Wasteland 2

The IP has been on hiatus for a over a quarter-century; many don’t remember Wasteland. However, Game Informer explains why this is a worthy successor.

Polygon Takes a Personal, Dual Approach to a Destiny Review

There are bound to be lots of destiny reviews out there, so why not get two for the price of one? Polygon offers two very well-written and candid opinions.

GamesBeat’s The Sims 4 Review is a Virtual Masterpiece

It’s another installment of The Sims, but does it deliver exactly what the fans desire? Well, yes and no; here’s a great review that explains the highs and lows.

Digital Spy Pens the Definitive Velocity 2X Review

It’s a game that embraces old-school tenets and offers some modern-day flash, and for the best analysis of this blend, make sure to visit Digital Spy.

RPG Site Loves DanganRonpa 2, And We Love the Review

Here’s a sequel that delivers satisfies all expectations, as indicated by an excellent and informed analysis from RPG Site.

Arcade Sushi’s Madden NFL 15 Review is a Winner

If you’re looking for a deep, knowledgeable, entertaining review of the latest Madden entry, Arcade Sushi has you covered.

Critic Spotlight: Rely On Horror’s Casper Bronmans

We have a chat with Rely on Horror’s Casper Bronmans; topics include the affect of the job on our favorite hobby, and the current state of game criticism.