Staff Picks

Honored Source: Serves Its Readers Well

We choose one Honored Source based on the strength of its content and community. always gives the fans what they want!

Reaper of Souls Receives a Top-Tier Review From games(TM)

Is Diablo III: Reaper of Souls worthy of your attention? Read one of the better reviews of the latest hack ‘n slash effort and find out for yourself.

PushSquare Slams Daylight, But in a Professional Manner

VGRHQ doesn’t always select glowing reviews for consideration; it can be just as difficult – if not more so – to pen a review for a poor product.

Lazygamer’s Child of Light Review: Reflecting Elegance

VGRHQ selects the one Child of Light review that really hits home and embraces that which makes the game so appealing. The read is similar to the gameplay experience!

DualShockers Interview: A Critic’s Duty And Opinion vs. Objectivity

VGRHQ interviews DualShockers Euro News Editor Giuseppe Nelva; topics include the universal rating scale debate and whether critics are influenced by gifts.

Honored Source: RPGFan Is a Role-Player’s Paradise

VGRHQ selects RPGFan as an official Honored Source, as role-playing fans have been turning to these guys for years.

Rely On Horror Embraces the “Grimm-Ness” of American McGee

Rely on Horror tackles the episodic series American McGee’s Grimm and comes away suitably impressed.

EEDAR Interview: Game Scores Matter, and Always Will

VGRHQ interviews EEDAR Manager of Insights and Analysis Patrick Walker, and talk about the important role game reviews have in the industry.

PS Nation’s Quality Analysis of Demon Gaze

If you’re looking for a quality Demon Gaze review, look no further than Andy Richardson’s analysis over at PS Nation.

One of the Best ESO Reviews Comes Courtesy of NowGamer

NowGamer’s Kirsten Kearney attacks this difficult review of The Elder Scrolls Online with ease and efficiency.

GamesBeat Critic Knows How to Handle a Retro Review

VGHRQ chooses to honor a GamesBeat critic for producing a clean, informative, well-written review of a retro compilation.

Dealspwn Reminds Us Why Writing Reviews is FUN

Dealspwn’s Jonathan Lester captures the essence of a certain game (in this case, Trials Fusion) and that essence is clear: FUN.

Staff Editorial: Yes, Of Course Publishers “Bribe” Critics

Many gamers believe the promotional material critics receive from publishers constitutes a bribe. But let’s be clear.

A Singular Minecraft Review…Written All in Verse!

Here’s one example of a critic who took an extremely creative approach to one of this generation’s most creative games. A singular effort, and we love it!

Polygon’s Kollar Delivers a Top-Tier Second Son Review

Polygon’s Philip Kollar writes up a splendid inFamous: Second Son analysis. Give it a read if you’re still on the fence concerning a purchase.