Staff Picks

IGN’s Epic Review Of Mass: Effect Andromeda Reaches For The Stars

Mass Effect is one of the most venerated franchises of the last decade, which is why gamers everywhere were anxious to check out reviews for the latest installment. Well, here’s a gem.

The Legend Of Zelda Receives A Wildly Fantastic Review From GamesRadar

The new Zelda adventure is finally here and critics are fawning all over it; the outpouring of praise is reminiscent of when GTAIII shocked the gaming world. Yep, GamesRadar says it’s THAT good.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Earns An Epic Review From Digital Spy

This PS4 exclusive is rocking critic socks, which is great to see. And we found a particularly fantastic analysis at Digital Spy, so if you’re curious about the game with robot dinosaurs…

The Telegraph’s For Honor Review Makes Us Stand Up And Cheer

When you toss Knights, Vikings and Samurai into a medieval free-for-all, what’s the result? Well, for that answer, we suggest checking out The Telegraph’s stunningly great analysis of the recently released For Honor.

EGM Delivers a Stunningly Great Halo Wars 2 Review

Halo Wars has returned and for one of the most informative and entertaining reviews available, we strongly urge you to check out EGM.

USGamer Publishes A Spectacular Review Of Nioh

Hardcore action/adventure fans, especially those who adored the likes of Bloodborne and Dark Souls, have been anxiously awaiting Nioh’s arrival. Well, here’s the verdict.

The Daily Dot Drops A Shockingly Great Resident Evil 7 Review

Resident Evil has returned and horror aficionados everywhere are wondering if this legendary franchise has found its once-legendary form. Well, we found a review that’ll answer all your questions.

GameSpot’s Gravity Rush 2 Review Soars High Above The Competition

The sequel to one of the most critically acclaimed titles on PlayStation Vita has arrived, but is the follow-up effort on PS4 worthy of more praise?

Hardcore Gamer’s Let It Die Review Is A Cut Above

Suda51 is back with a new effort and a fresh approach (free-to-play is just SO attractive to designers now), but is his latest worthy of your time and attention? Hardcore Gamer has the answer.

Arcade Sushi Publishes A Shining Review Of Pokemon Sun And Moon

The latest Pokemon iterations are here and if you’re considering adding Sun and Moon to your collection, we suggest you check out this stellar review we found at Arcade Sushi.

The Last Guardian’s Best Review Can Be Found At…The Guardian

The Last Guardian has arrived at long last and if you’re wondering how it turned out, look no further than this stunningly excellent analysis.

WCCFTech Writes Up an Epic, Top-Tier Skyrim Special Edition Review

We’ll have to wait a while for the sixth entry in the award-winning RPG franchise so in the meantime, we get an upgraded version of The Elder Scrolls V. But is it worthy of your time?

Download a Top-Notch Watch Dogs 2 Review From AttackoftheFanboy

Critics are weighing in on the anticipated Watch Dogs sequel and our favorite analysis can be found at AttackoftheFanboy.

Game Informer Produces a Top-Tier Dishonored 2 Review

The anxiously anticipated sequel is here and for a comprehensive, entertaining review, we suggest checking out Game Informer. It’s an elite analysis!

Game Rant’s Mario Party: Star Rush Review is Golden

A new Mario Party has arrived and our favorite analysis of the fresh multiplayer-oriented handheld title can be found at Game Rant. Gather your friends!