Staff Picks

The Guardian’s Overwatch Review is a Clear-Cut Winner

Wondering if Blizzard’s anticipated team-based shooter is worth your time? You gotta check out this excellent evaluation from The Guardian.

LazyGamer’s DOOM Review Is Good Explosive Fun

DOOM is back! And if you’re wondering how this long-awaited entry has fared, check in with LazyGamer, where you’ll find a stirringly funtastic review.

TIME Publishes a Very Special Uncharted 4 Review

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has finally arrived and despite tons of fantastic reviews, we’ve finally determined that TIME’s excellent analysis tops the list.

RPGFan Has a Top-Tier Stranger of Sword City Review

If you’re looking for a decent dungeon-crawler with some style, Stranger of Sword City might be for you. Turn to RPGFan for the definitive review.

GameSpew’s Severed Review Earns High Praise

The latest from Drinkbox Studios is here; Severed is a very cool premise, and our favorite review thus far can be found at GameSpew.

Shacknews Fires Off a Quality Star Fox Zero Review

Star Fox is back and if you’re wondering how the iconic mascot’s return to the galactic fray has fared, we urge you to check out Shacknews.

Attack of the Fanboy Pens a Top-Tier Koi Review

It’s a somewhat surreal, low-key indie title by a Chinese developer that might be reminiscent of a Thatgamecompany effort, but it falls a little shy.

IGN’s Bravely Second Review is Tops in Our Eyes

The anticipated sequel to Bravely Default has arrived and if you’re looking for an objective, well thought-out analysis, we suggest you turn to IGN.

The Telegraph’s Ratchet & Clank Review Elicits Smiles

The lovable Lombax is back and if you want to see how well Insomniac has treated this timeless classic, check out The Telegraph’s excellent review.

The Guardian Brings Us a Top-Quality Quantum Break Review

The anticipated Xbox One exclusive has arrived and though many critics have weighed in already, we’ve chosen this one for its firm stance and overall quality.

The Daily Dot Writes Up an Exceptional Dark Souls III Review

It’s supremely challenging and wonderfully designed, a true love note to the hardcore fans. And The Daily Dot does a great job capturing this essence.

Brash Games Puts Great Effort Into its Trillion: God of Destruction Review

It’s a promising new release for PlayStation Vita owners but if you want to learn more about this unique, challenging title, we strongly recommend visiting Brash Games.

USGamer’s MLB 16: The Show Review is a Towering Four-Bagger

Reviewing an in-depth simulator requires attention to detail, a firm understanding of the subject matter, and the ability to keep the reader entertained.

IGN’s Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest Review Is a Winner

A new Fire Emblem has arrived and for a wonderfully entertaining and informative review that’ll make you smile, we suggest visiting IGN.

The Escapist Offers a Nicely Appointed Review of The Division

Tom Clancy’s The Division is the biggest new game of 2016 and for a fantastic breakdown of this tactical, multiplayer-oriented shooter, we turn to The Escapist.