CGM Tackles the Non-Traditional Her Story with Aplomb

Doesn't look like your standard videogame, now does it?

Doesn’t look like your standard videogame, now does it?

Every now and then, we encounter a videogame that attempts to redefine the nature of interactive storytelling. It’s always a risk but if we don’t support such risks, nothing will ever change. Enter Her Story, a narrative-drive live-action mystery that centers on your detective skills. Can you solve a murder simply by listening to a woman’s testimony?

The game only gives you a few video files, sported on a mid-90s PC, to begin with, and then you must dig and find more. Listening to the woman answer questions will lead you in the right direction, provided you’re paying attention. It’s a difficult game to evaluate but we found a great review that rings true; you can find it over at CGM. Critic Reid McCarter doesn’t waste time blathering about how this “isn’t really a videogame” or how different it is from the standard game. Instead, he focuses squarely on what this experience has to offer.

In the end, we get a candid, thoughtful review that should intrigue just about anyone (even non-gamers). It can be tempting to launch into some self-righteous spiel when faced with a genre-busting title like this, but professionals should continue to maintain their refined approach. That’s what we get from McCarter and we appreciate it.

Congrats, Reid!

With limited technology and clues, you must solve the case.

With limited technology and clues, you must solve the case.

Why We Like It:

— The critic acknowledges that the game is different but doesn’t dwell on it. He treats it like the interactive narrative mystery it is, and evaluates as such.

— A focus on the game’s central theme, the story, results in an engaging, interesting read. It makes us want to learn more.

Well-written, simply structured, decently paced. The author avoided many of the potential pitfalls and just delivered a sound, instructive review. Kudos.

Read Reid McCarter’s Her Story Review Now

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Okay, now I’m interested.

I assume I don’t need a killer rig to play it…?

I’d play it if I had a decent computer.

I’m sorry but this whole concept just creeps me out a little. It’s like I’m watching an episode of Snapped but not.

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