Could Conan Become the Ebert of Video Game Reviews?

He's learning more and more with every passing episode and the guy obviously loves games, so...

He’s learning more and more with every passing episode and the guy obviously loves games, so…

Just bear with us for a moment.

Yes, we understand that Conan O’Brien’s dedicated video game segment is entitled “Clueless Gamer.” Yes, we understand that Roger Ebert was a serious, Pulitzer Prize-winning movie critic. There’s a difference, obviously.

But consider the following, if you will:

Firstly, the gaming industry has yet to produce its Ebert. We’ve got a few relatively recognizable critic names, but certainly nothing on the level of Ebert. One of the reasons we started VGRHQ is because we wanted to recognize those who might be on that path, or at least those who do the industry and its fans a great service.

Well, Conan O’Brien is already a household name. He doesn’t need to reach that enviable plateau; he’s already there. It’s a ready-made celebrity critic for gaming and, well…maybe he should take advantage.

Secondly, we know the purpose of the “Clueless Gamer” segment. It’s to entertain, clearly. It’s not meant to be taken all that seriously, and Conan doesn’t issue a score with his review. He just plays the game, makes some funny comments, and says whether he likes it or not (and he’ll probably always like it, as the publishers are forking over big chunks of change to get their game on his show).

Conan playing video games can be really funny, but what if it was for real?

Conan playing video games can be really funny, but what if it was for real?

However, as most people already know, Conan is no dummy. We know where he went to school, we’ve seen his wit, and you know, he kinda likes video games. Furthermore, while he may have been “clueless” when he started that segment – and even then, we’re not sure how “clueless” he really was – he probably isn’t so much now. Do you see the avenue we’re taking to arrive at our admittedly far-fetched question?

If Conan wanted to, he could indeed become our most respected and most popular critic. He’d have to take the more serious route, of course, which means he’d have to tap into what we believe is a deep love of gaming, and use it. He’d also have to immerse himself a bit more in the culture so he’d come across as a learned expert. It wouldn’t take him long, though. Like we said, he’s no dummy.

Conan, if you’re listening, the ball’s in your court. Not that we don’t love “Clueless Gamer” – ‘cuz we do – but man, you could really help us out. If you set your mind to it, we have a feeling you could offer fantastic insight on just about any game that comes down the pike, and your fame and popularity would add legitimacy to an industry that, in truth, still needs it.

7 thoughts on “Could Conan Become the Ebert of Video Game Reviews?”

I can see it happening but he’d have to pull off a pretty drastic switch.

I’m also not sure he can do it without being funny. 😉

I think he could be great but I do doubt his overall gaming knowledge. I’m sure he likes video games but he’s not cut out to be an elite critic…and I don’t think he wants to be, either.

No, I don’t think so.

If we’re ever going to have an Ebert, it should be someone who rose up through the ranks and earned a following in THIS industry, not in comedy or showbiz.

Not that I don’t think Conan could do it. I’d just much rather have someone who started in games and was rewarded for rising up the gaming ladder.

I agree with that to some extent. At the same time, I also think having Conan be a major force in game reviews would still benefit the industry.

I think that he is well placed and if he truly is a gamer at heart I would be perfectly fine with him lending a critical eye to the industry in a serious and legitimate manner. I think he would thrive as this industries Ebert. However, I am not entirely certain he has or is interested in acquiring the background which game critics must have to come across as learned expert as the article put it. But hey, it would be a whole lotta fun getting to that point wouldn’t it? Not only could he do it, he really should seriously consider it. I think it would be a great thing for the industry as a whole and even be a very cool addition to an already phenomenal career.

He’s definitely someone who could be GREAT.

I just doubt he wants to do it, though. I’m guessing he’s not THAT into games, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to make a serious career out of reviewing them.

He’s funny and everything but I don’t see him doing ANYTHING serious. I suppose he could try but it would just seem weird to me.

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