Crash Bandicoot Trilogy Snags An Insanely Great Review From Game Informer

If you’re too young to know it, platformers were once supremely popular in the world of video games.

And we’re not simply referring to the golden age of gaming where 2D side-scrollers dominated. 3D platformers were also huge during the ’90s, as both the N64 and PlayStation put forth many fantastic titles. The Nintendo mascots stayed mostly the same but Sony’s emergence in the console market came with new titles like Gex, SpyroApe Escape, and of course, Crash Bandicoot.

Now, Naughty Dog (yes, the Uncharted developer was originally behind the Crash games) has re-released the first three classic Crash titles in the form of an N. Sane Trilogy. Though fans really wanted a brand new effort, this will most certainly suffice, so says Game Informer.

Critic Andrew Reiner pens an excellent review of the nostalgic romp, offering gamers a helpful bird’s-eye view of these three platforming gems. Of the utmost importance when it comes to such efforts is how the gameplay has aged over the years; after all, the finest graphical sheen can’t help terribly outdated gameplay. Reiner tackles and answers that question, first and foremost, and adds other objective, entertaining viewpoints as well.

Congrats, Andrew!

Why We Like It:

Treats a classic franchise with the proper respect, while still being honest about how it stands up today. It’s actually a tricky line to walk for most critics.

Addresses what would undoubtedly be the most-asked questions from a gamer standpoint. And those are very different questions than one typically asks about new titles.

Offers a look back at how the games fared, as the critic reviewed them back in the day. This gives gamers a unique opportunity to see how the titles aged, and also proves the critic’s experience.

Read Andrew Reiner’s Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Review Now

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