Dealspwn Reminds Us Why Writing Reviews is FUN

Too many times, critics simply take themselves too seriously. They get too involved in the nuts and bolts of the operation and forget that at the end of the day, this is a hobby. It’s supposed to be fun.

Then, a game like Trials Fusion comes along and reminds us that certain video games have a sky-high fun factor, and that should be reflected in the analysis of the title. Dealspwn’s Jonathan Lester obviously understands this better than most, as evidenced by his latest review.

Flying high and having a blast!

Flying high and having a blast!

His Trials Fusion review is full of statements that capture the game’s high-flying, freewheeling style, and presents the reader with an attractive prose style. It begins with a quality introduction, which encompasses the game – and franchise – in question and gives us an idea of what to expect:

“Trials is as punishing and perfect as ever. It’s a game of ludicrous excess and controlled restraint, as you scream over a ludicrous gravity-defying jump one moment and deftly feather the throttle to make it across a nasty gauntlet of overhangs the next. The interplay between speed, power, weight, balance, gravity and physics is one again spot-on, challenging us to excel through skill and perseverance, all while desperately attempting to shave miliseconds off our par time, beat our ghost and humiliate our friends.”

This is why we applaud Jonathan Lester today. 🙂

It's all about having fun...gotta love that.

It’s all about having fun…gotta love that.

Why We Like It:

— Above all else, it understands perfectly what type of game is being reviewed, and makes that lighthearted, fun-filled attitude apparent in the text.

— A personal flair that tell us how much the critic liked it, along with a detailed explanation as to why. It’s passion combined with a professional breakdown, and that’s awesome.

— Puts an emphasis on the gameplay and is willing to overlook a few small drawbacks because that gameplay is just so darn compelling.

Read Jonathan Lester’s Trials Fusion Review Now

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