Destructoid Produces a Stellar Yakuza 5 Review

It might feel a little dated 'cuz it's on PS3 but it remains a wickedly entertaining game.

It might feel a little dated ‘cuz it’s on PS3 but it remains a wickedly entertaining game.

If you don’t reside in Japan and you’re a Yakuza fan, you’ve learned almost infinite patience. After Yakuza 4 released back in March of 2011, it took nearly five years for the next entry to arrive on U.S. shores. It doesn’t make it any easier to know that Yakuza 5 was available in Japan over three years ago; it released on December 6, 2012. However, after the extra long wait, the game is finally here and most critics are singing its praises.

If you’re looking for a well-written review that properly illustrates the true appeal of the game, check out Destructoid. Critic Kyle MacGregor produces an excellent analysis that brings us deep inside the gritty open-world adventure, focusing on the atmospheric appeal and entertaining gameplay. While the title is indeed on PS3, it still has a ton of charm thanks to a meticulously designed environment, and the accessible and responsive combat is as fun as ever. We especially like when a reviewer acknowledges that a game is “greater than the sum of its parts;” we often become too obsessed with the quality of individual aspects, you know?

This is MacGregor’s second nod here at VGRHQ; he was first recognized for his great Hohokum review.

Congrats again, Kyle!

Why We Like It:

— Recognizes that in such games, one’s immersion is highly dependent on the general atmospheric appeal as opposed to photorealistic graphics.

— Gives the reader a solid combination of analyses, including the most important elements of combat and story. This gives us a better idea of the game’s scope.

Revels in what the game is, as opposed to what he wanted it to be. Has anyone noticed that in some reviews, critics seem to be instructing developers on what their goals should’ve been…?

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I love Yakuza. Too bad these games take eons to show up here. 🙁

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