Destructoid’s Hohokum Review A Great Assembly of Contrasts

It's a unique, highly creative little title that can be wonderfully addicting despite its flaws.

It’s a unique, highly creative little title that can be wonderfully addicting despite its flaws.

It’s aptly named: Hohokum. What is it, really? It’s difficult to explain; just ask any critic. The bottom line is that it’s a creative, unique, ultimately bizarre little game that has you exploring and interacting with a wide variety of weirdness. For some, it’s a colorful, freewheeling experience. For others, there can be some frustration and tedium.

Just ask Destructoid critic Kyle MacGregor. His review is a marvelous collection of conflict and contrast because on the one hand, he appreciates the game’s style and originality but on the other, he finds it too vague and unsatisfying. His first paragraph explains his grappling with the verdict, which is always entertaining for the reader.

Hohokum has received review scores that run the game from 5 to 9 and that should tell you something. There’s probably more subjectivity involved in analyzing this particular game, which makes it infinitely more intriguing to read about (in our opinion, anyway).

It's just one of those games that's tough to evaluate. It's just SO strange...

It’s just one of those games that’s tough to evaluate. It’s just SO strange…

Why We Like It:

— Every solid review needs a hook and we find it in this critic’s first paragraph:

Hohokum is amazing. It can also be awful. My time with it was often as captivating as it was arduous. Hohokum is everything right and wrong with videogames. It’s equally worthy of condemnation and acclaim.”

— The reader understands the critic’s interesting internal conflict. There’s so much conflict and contrast that it’s actually amusing, and you start to wonder if this is the type of game that just plain confuses people. That’s a good commentary.

— The critic’s indecision lets the reader decide for him/herself whether or not they want to try the game. It’s not like passing a finalized verdict, which can be quite attractive at times.

Congrats, Kyle!

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3 thoughts on “Destructoid’s Hohokum Review A Great Assembly of Contrasts”

I really love this game. I think if you’re willing to put up with a little mystery and you like to explore and discover things, this is a very soothing, rewarding experience.

Some people will appreciate it more than others, that’s all I can say.

Based on that, I’m willing to try it. I’ve always had an eye for quirky games. 🙂

I’ve been considering getting it but I’m still on the fence. Not sure that review helped me. LOL

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