Destructoid’s Honest Bound by Flame Review Focuses On Fun

It has its fair share of problems, but that doesn't cripple the entertainment factor.

It has its fair share of problems, but that doesn’t cripple the entertainment factor.

Several major sources have panned the new hack ‘n slash action/RPG from Spiders, Bound by Flame.

But a particularly enjoyable review from Destructoid critic Brittany Vincent might sway some gamers to give it a try. Not because she misses the flaws, but simply because she acknowledges those flaws while still making one point plain:

She had fun.

That’s the whole purpose of video games, is it not? This is why we have selected Vincent’s review as worthy of praise, because it remembers that which is most important to this industry: Entertainment value. Not everyone will be able to forgive the shortcomings in Bound by Flame and she understands that. At the same time, she has legitimate reasons for enjoying herself, and that shines through in the review.

Well done!

You know what never gets old? Slashing through ne'er-do-wells!

You know what never gets old? Slashing through ne’er-do-wells!

Why We Like It:

— First and possibly foremost, it doesn’t shy away from the ugly side of the production. Sure, other critics may have been harsher on certain lackluster elements, but Vincent doesn’t ignore these. She merely mentions them and adds, “they don’t cripple the fun factor.”

— A primary focus on playability. As she says during her introduction, she had more fun with this game than she had with more polished productions. Why? Because playability is always key.

— One gets the feeling that we’re reading about a quintessential guilty pleasure game. Yeah, so what if so many critics bashed it? So what if people laugh that I’m having fun with it? Just leemee alone and let me play.

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2 thoughts on “Destructoid’s Honest Bound by Flame Review Focuses On Fun”

I appreciate the honesty in the review but I’m only being honest when I say, “I still don’t want to play it.” 😉

Okay, I admit I tried it.

Can’t say I agree with the critic in question, though…I just didn’t have any fun at all. It was too flawed and I can’t get past that kind of stuff.

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