Destructoid’s RIGS Review is an Immersive Gem

It's a surprisingly fun game and a great VR showcase, so says Destructoid.

It’s a surprisingly fun game and a great VR showcase, so says Destructoid.

PlayStation VR’s launch is getting a ton of attention and as such, you’re going to start seeing plenty of VR game reviews.  Yesterday, we wondered how critics should approach virtual reality game reviews, and we’ve been interested to see the results thus far. Some journalists prefer to focus on the technical merits while others attempt to explain the experience, which of course is a more subjective strategy. Frankly, we like the ones that read very much like regular game reviews, only with a nod to the freshness of VR and what gamers can expect.

We found exactly that at Destructoid, where critic Chris Carter wrote up an excellent review of RIGS: Mechanized Combat League. It’s a well-balanced analysis of a game that takes advantage of fresh and untested tech, and the end result is an entertaining and informative review. PlayStation VR owners will want certain questions answered; i.e., “Is it difficult to get used to?” “What makes it fun from a VR standpoint?” Those questions are indeed answered. Plus, as VR is all about immersion, we believe the review should be equally immersive (if the critic is issuing a positive viewpoint), and we see that “absorptive” quality here as well.

Congrats, Chris!

Why We Like It:

We always like the surprise angle; in this case, the critic admitted the game in question didn’t even remotely interest him when it first came onto the scene. But there was a reversal after playing, and that’s part of what makes the review so intriguing.

— It’s easy to get caught up talking about the new tech, but that’s what a separate hardware review is for. Here, this review focuses entirely on the game in question and explains precisely why it works well.

Structured nicely and flows well, with no superfluous or tedious parts. This is nice to have in any review, VR or not.

Read Chris Carter’s RIGS: Mechanized Combat League Review Now

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I actually really wish they’d make a game like this for regular gaming. 🙁

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