Digital Spy’s Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Review Soars High

The cut-scenes won't win any awards, so just keep running!

The cut-scenes won’t win any awards, so just keep running!

It has been eight long years since the original Mirror’s Edge won the hearts of critics and gamers everywhere. The premise was unique and very engaging, though many said the developers could continue to build on that solid foundation. It took a long time for another attempt but here it is, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, in all its wall-running, high-jumping glory. But if you’re not convinced, you should be reading the reviews.

Our favorite so far can be found at Digital Spy, where critics Sam Loveridge and Liam Martin combine to deliver an excellent evaluation. These days, critics tend to get bogged down in a lot of intricate details, which can often obscure the overall theme or thread of the review. Here, the reader never loses that thread: The gameplay delivers but the story falls short. Obviously, we keep reading to get more information but that simple conclusion, shown early on and emphasized and explained in the text, makes for a highly digestible review.

We also like that they put an emphasis on the gameplay as opposed to the story, which of course only comprises a tiny percentage of the game. It’s unfortunate that the characters and narrative fall flat but gameplay is at the forefront, as it should be. This is Liam’s second nod here at VGRHQ, by the way; the first was for his excellent Rock Band 4 review.

Congrats Sam and Liam!

Why We Like It:

— While the review is nicely appointed and detailed, the primary message is on display throughout, which gives the review great consistency.

Highlights the strength of the gameplay and explains why a disappointing story has an impact, but doesn’t ruin the overall experience.

Relatively well-written and nicely presented and structured. The result is a very readable and entertaining review.

Read Sam Loveridge and Liam Martin’s Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Review Now

2 thoughts on “Digital Spy’s Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Review Soars High”

I don’t care if the story isn’t that great; I don’t even remember the story in the first Mirror’s Edge and I didn’t care about it. Did anyone?

I sure didn’t. I just loved running around as I’m sure most people did. 🙂

But I was hoping for a good story focusing on Faith this time around. She was faceless in the first game and I was glad they’d finally fleshed her character out in Catalyst, but I think I’m going to be disappointed in the narrative if the reviews are any indication.

I’ll still play it, though. I bet I’ll still love the gameplay.

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