Digital Spy’s Rock Band 4 Review Earns Our Applause

One of the music game pioneers has returned and Digital Spy says it's a winner.

One of the music game pioneers has returned and Digital Spy says it’s a winner.

In the midst of the previous generation, the music boom was in full swing. Guitar Hero and Rock Band were massive and the music/rhythm game genre once brought in over $2 billion in a year. Then the bottom fell out and the plastic instrument craze died. Some blame over-saturation of the market – what with numerous spin-offs and expensive bundles – while others simply say the fad ran its course.

However, great interactive experiences never go out of style, as Harmonix just proved with the release of Rock Band 4. Most critics are lauding the return of the iconic franchise and our favorite review right now comes from Digital Spy. Critic Liam Martin gives us a robust, all-encompassing view of the game, while also comparing and contrasting to give us some historical dimension. The result is a review that shows the music genre isn’t dead; it was merely on hiatus and talented teams can still deliver the goods.

It’s also worth noting that when you’re done reading, you won’t have many questions (if any). With certain games, it’s all too easy to get sidetracked, to lose your focus and go off on emotional “and this was awesome, too” tangents. This critic hits the highlights, works in some appreciated subjective praise, and tells us about the changes, modes, and overarching gameplay. In short, it’s everything we need.

Congrats, Liam!

Why We Like It:

Love the intro. We can’t overstate the importance of a great intro in text reviews or text anything, really.

— Without wasting too much time going back to the past, the critic offers some historical facts and comparisons, so the reader can better understand what has improved and what has changed. Important for a returning IP.

Well-structured and generally well-written. It doesn’t meander and doesn’t rest too heavily on subjective or objective analysis; it’s just nicely balanced.

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I’m actually more interested in Guitar Hero Live because I like how it’s going to be structured. Good reviews for Rock Band 4 tho.

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