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Is Ubisoft's follow-up effort better than the original in almost every way?

Is Ubisoft’s follow-up effort better than the original in almost every way?

Though Watch Dogs was one of the biggest new IPs to land in recent years and it received generally positive reviews, it fell shy of being a brilliant debut. That’s why many critics and gamers were wondering if the sequel could take the next step; i.e., enhance the positives of the first effort and repair or remove the negatives. As it turns out, the developers at Ubisoft did indeed take several big strides with the recently released Watch Dogs 2, so those who thought the original had a solid foundation should seriously consider a purchase.

For more, we strongly suggest you check out the top-tier review we found at AttackoftheFanboy. This stellar evaluation by Mike Guarino is tight and well-structured, with plenty of detail and comparisons to the first title. One of its biggest strengths is its ability to satisfy both newcomers and fans alike; those familiar with the original game will appreciate the aforementioned comparisons, while newcomers will see an objective, detailed review that answers just about all their questions. The critic also does a great job at sticking to the most critical aspects of the production; the hacking and combat mechanics, story and characters, etc. It’s just a well-rounded analysis overall.

Congrats, Mike!

Congrats, Mike!

Why We Like It:

— From a presentation standpoint, we like the verdict and brief concluding blurb at the top, as it gives readers more of an incentive to read the entire review.

Gives the proper amount of thought and time to each of the game’s most important elements, which leads to a highly effective and generally focused evaluation.

Reads the way a review of a sequel should read: Clearly explains how the new effort compares to the original, while still judging the fresh effort on its own merits.

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