Editorial: Why Campers Ruin the Multiplayer Experience

Campers are just a pain in the ass for everyone...learn how to play!

Campers are just a pain in the ass for everyone…learn how to play!

The notorious camper is typically the twelve-year-old who sits in a corner of a room, barricaded with C4, forgetting the existence of the left analog stick whilst staring at a reticule until something moves into the center of his sights.

I have been known to discourage this behavior, as a cooked frag grenade equals free kills, mostly due to the fact that campers tend to be fairly unimaginative and sit in the same place death after death, match after match.

There used to be something of a sporting mentality in multiplayer shooters and unfortunately, in most cases, this seems to have died with the onset of petty concerns such as KDR and kill streaks. Lest we forget, we play games to have fun. But there is always the individual who wishes to argue that this is in fact a tactical strategy. They claim that ignoring the entire function of control and sitting forever in the same corner is in some way a noble and under-appreciated skill.

Well, to those of you out there who think the absence of gameplay is in fact a skill, I have very little to say. You refuse to see the map, run around, shoot at things and God forbid, die once in a while. You refuse to enjoy the interaction or adrenaline of close-quarters gameplay and instead opt to be what is best referred to as a rat. You abuse the environment which was intended for gunplay and attempt to make every map a barren wasteland and vacuum of fun.

Campers = teh suck.

Campers = teh suck.

What skill does sitting in a corner or lying under a bush or crouching atop  a building require, exactly? Personally, I’ve Prestiged multiple times in every CoD ever made and that dates back to the first release for PC. This isn’t counting the numerous other shooters in which accomplishments have been made. And I can honestly say that I have tried and gained no enjoyment from this cowardly approach. Not only that, it’s just plain easy. Believe it or not, sitting in one place staring down your scope is not very difficult at all.

I can hear the surges of, “but, but, buts” now. I challenge any of you to actually get up, move around and shoot a gun. I’m not talking about quick-scoping a sniper – which is more an abuse of the auto-aim mechanic than anything else – but using any other gun. Maybe you could even use a ballistic knife, tomahawk, or throwing knife. If you wish to remain crouched to sneak around corners and hide your footsteps in a stealthy take down, by all means do so. If you wish to be tactical in the way in which you move about the environment feel free.

But please note the word “move” in that last sentence. It is not only far more impressive but moving returns the game to the classic days of rampant blood-shedding chaos. People running around, guns blazing and filling the map with all the explosions and gunshots which rightfully belong…it’s a glorious sound for sore ears. When spawning into any game where the maximum number of kills within a ten-minute time period is eight, and you can quite literally hear crickets in the background, there is something seriously wrong.



Silence is what you hear when nobody is playing, not what you should hear when a map is populated with people. The disease that is camping has sunken deeper and deeper into the multiplayer community and for those of you who remember the old-fashioned running ‘n gunning days, and approach the first-person shooter appropriately, I salute you. In fact I wish to run around a corner guns a blazin’ and have an epic shootout involving reloads, tight corridors and flash bangs. And yes, real shootouts do happen with running and gunning.

To the campers in the crowd, you are welcome to come on out and play, join in and see what it’s like to play the game the way it was intended. One final note: I do not count sniping in the same category as camping. These are different things entirely and most people who engage in sniping do have some actual gameplay aptitude. You may notice, however, that in any shooter campaign there is never a directive that demands you camp. Sniping, yes. Camping no. It is not ever regarded as an appropriate approach to playing the campaign and should never be regarded as such in the multiplayer.

Congratulations, campers, for gradually eroding the integrity of first and third-person multiplayer and bringing a world of KDR-obsessed, scared/cowardly, and in all ways useless players to the gaming community. 

5 thoughts on “Editorial: Why Campers Ruin the Multiplayer Experience”

Campers just need to go jump off a cliff. No, wait, they never move so I guess we’ll just have to throw them off.

This is one of the reasons I hate playing shooters online. I can’t get away from morons. If they’re not campers, they just act like general idiots.

That’s why I almost exclusively play with friends and people I know. Otherwise, it’s just too depressing.

Yeah, if anyone ever drags me online to play it’s only because I know who they are.

Another good reason to stay away from multiplayer. 😉

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