EGM Delivers a Stunningly Great Halo Wars 2 Review

The legendary FPS that became a strategy game has returned, and…

It’s awfully difficult for spin-offs to be both critically acclaimed and popular. It’s even tougher when the spin-off in question dramatically alters the gameplay, to the point where we’re talking about two genres that might be polar opposites. Hence, when Halo morphed into Halo Wars some years back, anyone who wasn’t already a die-hard fan of the IP was rightfully suspicious.

And yet, while not the critical powerhouse or sales blockbuster main franchise entries were, Halo Wars did well. And now the sequel is here and yep, yet again, strategy fans have a new reason to cheer.

For one of the best available reviews, head on over to EGM, where critic Ray Carsillo pens an excellent analysis of the complex and fulfilling new title. It’s well constructed and reads well, too, as it first gives the reader some appreciated personal background, and moves smoothly through the various gameplay elements. Halo fans who might be intrigued but remain strategy novices won’t find the language intimidating and they, as well as strategy veterans, will emerge with a rock solid idea of what to expect from a purchase.

Very well done. Ray is now a multiple honoree here at VGRHQ; he was first lauded for his fantastic Mafia III review.

Why We Like It:

— Almost perfectly structured and crafted from start to finish, resulting in an easily digestible and entertaining read. It’s hard to get this right when the article is, by default, longer than others, and even harder when there’s a lot of content to cover.

— The FPS-to-strategy conversion is pretty radical and turn people off, even hardcore fans of the franchise. But this critic does a great job of keeping everyone engaged throughout the text.

— Despite the complexity of the title, the review is accessible and fun to read, and we have no questions pressing questions when we’re finished. This means the reviewer did his job correctly.

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2 thoughts on “EGM Delivers a Stunningly Great Halo Wars 2 Review”

I like strategy just fine but I can’t STAND the Halo universe. That’s what keeps throwing me off with Halo Wars, even though the game looks absurdly fun…sorta torn here…..

I’d play it if I could stand Halo even a little.

I’d much rather go back to Age of Empires 2.

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