EGM’s Battlefield: Hardline Review Hits the Sweet Spot

It offers a twist on the standard FPS formula...but will you like it?

It offers a twist on the standard FPS formula…but will you like it?

2015 seems filled with games that generate firestorms of discussion. The latest from Visceral Games, Battlefield: Hardline, has managed to create such dissension in the ranks, as critics seem torn between rewarding a fresh approach and focusing on various gameplay faults. This is why we sought the best-balanced review we could find; one that addresses everything in a candid, forthright way, and also provides gamers with a proper and professional breakdown.

We found it at EGM, where critic Chris Holzworth penned a stellar analysis of the new Battlefield. He does indeed reward the developers for trying something new (and in a genre that desperately needs innovation), but he also recognizes the pitfalls. It’s a mostly objective review with his own subjective opinion thrown in, which is the correct approach. The story doesn’t quite come through but the rest of the game is entertaining, despite its departure from the franchise and genre norm.

This is Holzworth’s second acknowledgement here at VGRHQ; he was first recognized for his Murdered: Soul Suspect review in 2014.

Congrats, Chris!

It doesn't completely change the genre but it does give us a fresh perspective.

It doesn’t completely change the genre but it does give us a fresh perspective.

Why We Like It:

A straightforward yet compelling analysis. It doesn’t get bogged down with a lot of technical details and subjective grandstanding.

— Rather than constantly comparing the new entry to past installments, this critic evaluates Hardline as a standalone product. In our estimation, reviewers spend too much time talking about past iterations in ongoing franchises.

— The text is engaging and well-paced. You lose the reader with boring tangents, irrelevant anecdotes, and op-ed rambling. This critic doesn’t fall prey to such temptation.

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I’m actually surprised that anyone even cares about Battlefield anymore.

Of course, I’m surprised people bother will Call of Duty too so maybe I’m the wrong person to ask.

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