EGM’s Super Mario Odyssey Review Is A Bouncy, Colorful Tour de Force

Mario is undoubtedly the most iconic character in video game history (though certain purists may vote for Pac-Man), so whenever he gets a new game, everyone is on pins and needles: Does it deliver? If it doesn’t, it’s a gigantic black smudge on the legendary plumber’s long and glorious career.

People are even more excited when the latest Mario lands on a new platform. That’s why millions of devoted followers have been waiting anxiously for Super Mario Odyssey, the first true Mario offering on Nintendo’s new console/handheld hybrid system. And if you want the verdict, we suggest checking out EGM.

Critic Emma Schaefer pens a stellar evaluation of the new adventure, giving readers an appealing, informed review that is both colorful and deep. It captures the very soul of this particular game and answers any burning questions the reader may have.

There’s a nice flow to the analysis as well, which keeps us moving quickly from one paragraph to the next. All in all, a fantastic effort for a fantastic game.

So congrats, Emma!

Why We Like It:

Nicely structured and presented, resulting in a highly digestible and entertaining review.

Reflects the style and colorful fun of the game itself, thereby injecting the evaluation with the appropriate attitude. Gotta love that.

Comes across as thorough and complete, in that no stone was left unturned when reviewing the game. This effort isn’t lost on the audience.

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