EGM’s The Witness Review Reminds Us that Criticism is a Skill


The Witness is a great game but also difficult to describe and recommend.

The Witness is a great game but also difficult to describe and recommend.

If you ask any seasoned video game critic, they will tell you that some games are easy to review. Then there are those that are so difficult to properly analyze that the very process feels like a fool’s errand. Gamers often forget this, so we turn your attention to a great EGM review that reminds us that yes, in fact, criticism is indeed an art form. It’s not always fun and games, either (forgive the pun).

Jonathan Blow’s latest well-received effort, The Witness, is a challenging and rewarding puzzler, but it also requires a hefty amount of dedication and patience. Furthermore, it can be tough to explain exactly why you should purchase this $40 product. But critic Josh Harmon does an admirable job of tackling this tough task, and he even admits in the introduction that it’s “an impossible game to review.” If that doesn’t entice you to keep reading, nothing will.

When you’re trying to convey the very essence of a piece of artistic entertainment that focuses on cerebral calisthenics, you gotta be a tad innovative. And that’s exactly what we get here.

Congrats, Josh!

Why We Like It:

The critic makes no bones about how and why the game is difficult to review, which makes for a far more intriguing read.

— We get a bird’s-eye view of the game, as we should with any overall evaluation, but we also receive a more atmospheric and nuanced vibe that adds necessary flavor.

— Takes a somewhat unique approach by not focusing as much on the gameplay but on the experience as a whole, which is a proper reflection of the product.

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5 thoughts on “EGM’s The Witness Review Reminds Us that Criticism is a Skill”

This game is genius. That is all. 😀


I heard about all that motion sickness stuff but it didn’t happen to me. I just know I love the game……even if is some of the puzzles are so facking obscure that I want to throw my controller out the window.

You think so? I’m not sure “obscure” is the right word because if you explore a lot you can find clues to solving puzzles that seem alien to you. That’s part of the game’s appeal.

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