Eurogamer Faithfully Captures Unity’s Flawed Beauty

It's hugely ambitious but the technical problems put a chink in the armor.

It’s hugely ambitious but the technical problems put a chink in the armor.

One of the most anticipated titles of the new generation has turned into one of the most controversial.

Assassin’s Creed Unity has a lot going for it; perhaps above all else, it’s a valiant attempt at a massively ambitious project. Unfortunately, it appears that even the new consoles couldn’t quite handle the developer’s far-reaching vision. This has resulted in a firestorm of reaction and feedback that publisher Ubisoft is taking “very seriously.” The question is, given the large gamut of review scores out there (from 5 – 10), which one should you trust?

Well, we always say trust the sources and critics that have served you best over the years. But if you’re still on the fence, you should definitely check out Eurogamer’s evaluation. Critic Tom Bramwell gives credit where credit is due, but calls out the designers for using aging systems that still don’t work quite properly. It’s all the more frustrating when we’re dealing with superior hardware. The review gives you a great idea of what to expect, whether you’re a die-hard fan of the franchise or not.

It had loads of potential but the game doesn't quite deliver on expectations.

It had loads of potential but the game doesn’t quite deliver on expectations.

Why We Like It:

— The review doesn’t pull any punches. It’s the critic’s belief that the developers haven’t pushed the franchise into a new era of interactive entertainment, and he explains his sound reasoning.

— The critic acknowledges the scale, scope and overall effort, but doesn’t let that praise dictate the bottom line. In other words, he correctly balances the good and bad.

Well-written and well-appointed. The reader gets a nicely presented review that addresses all the necessary topics, and the end result is an entertaining, cohesive analysis.

Congrats, Tom!

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3 thoughts on “Eurogamer Faithfully Captures Unity’s Flawed Beauty”

Not bad but I don’t think this critic gives enough credit to the overall vision. Too technically-focused.

I think he explains exactly what’s wrong with the game, and why it misses the mark. Nothing wrong with that.

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