Forbes’ Assassin’s Creed Origins Review Is One Slice Of Epic Goodness

Assassin’s Creed has become one of the biggest and most acclaimed video game franchises in history. What began a decade ago is still going strong, and the latest installment is garnering plenty of praise.

But is it an improvement? Is it another step in the right direction? Will long-time followers be pleased? Does Assassin’s Creed Origins right the wrongs of past entries? Or does it feel too much like a been-there-done-that adventure?

If you have such questions, we suggest checking out the excellent review over at Forbes. Critic Paul Tassi wrote up an informed, in-depth analysis that answers the aforementioned questions and gives us a great, all-encompassing bird’s-eye view of Ubisoft’s latest blockbuster.

There’s clearly some accumulated wisdom here, which is critical, because having lots of experience with the IP in question allows for a proper compare-and-contrast session. And the fans will definitely appreciate this. Furthermore, the structure is solid and pleasing to the eye, as it keeps one reading from the first paragraph to the last.

The latter isn’t especially easy to do with such a mammoth title, by the way. Just as it’s easy to wander off and get lost in the game itself, reviewers can go a little rogue when dealing with such goliath experiences. But this evaluation remains focused and appealing throughout.

Congrats, Paul!

Why We Like It: 

The critic clearly has a wealth of knowledge concerning the franchise, which allows for reliable and helpful comparing and contrasting.

Great structure and pacing from intro to conclusion; it’s very efficient and answers the readers questions may have while always remaining tight.

Doesn’t spend too much time bringing in other series entries, instead choosing (correctly) to remain locked on to the current game.

Read Paul Tassi’s Assassin’s Creed Origins Review Now

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