Forbes’ Excellent NBA 2K18 Review Is A Total Slam Dunk

Another year, another entry in a long-running sports franchise.

Video game fans know the drill. This has been going on since the dawn of the industry (or at least since the original Nintendo), so by now, everyone expects it. And if you’re a sports fanatic, you await each entry in your favorite franchise with high expectations and some trepidation.

That trepidation arises from the fact that the new game could feel like the same ol’ same ol’. Let’s face it: The “annualization” of these games helped contributed to the overuse of the word “rehash” in gaming. That’s why it’s always interesting to read reviews of new sports titles; the critic must deliver the verdict, as always, but one question above all is paramount for sports fans:

What’s new?

That’s why we like Forbes‘ analysis of the newly released NBA 2K18. The focal point of the review revolves around comparing this game to previous installments, which makes perfect sense. And while most reviews of sports titles do this, we happen to appreciate the structure, pacing, and clear preexisting knowledge of the series in this analysis.

Critic Brian Mazique also puts a big emphasis on the gameplay as well (what’s new, what has changed, what still needs work, etc.), and that of course is another essential element for any sports game. All in all, really well done, so congrats Brian!

Why We Like It:

With a steady focus on comparing and contrasting to previous entries, fans will get all their most pressing questions answered.

Well structured and accessible, as the review’s structure and style will keep the reader moving along at a solid pace.

Understands exactly what sports fans are looking for when reading such a review, so the result is a highly effective analysis.

Read Brian Mazique’s NBA 2K18 Review Now

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