Game Informer Produces a Top-Tier Dishonored 2 Review

Does the sequel live up to everyone's lofty expectations? Most say "yes."

Does the sequel live up to everyone’s lofty expectations? Most say “yes.”

When the original Dishonored first launched three years ago, many were surprised at just how good it was. And after garnering numerous Game of the Year Awards and earning a place in many a gamer’s heart, the industry was eagerly anticipating the follow-up effort from developer Arkane Studios. Well, that effort is now on store shelves and for one our favorite reviews of the sequel, we direct you towards Game Informer.

Critic Matt Bertz does a great job weaving comparative analysis (we always want to know how the sequel stacks up to the original) and objective evaluation, which ultimately gives the reader a complete and reliable review. We learn how the sequel is different and, in some cases, better, and why the production still falls just shy of supremely masterful. Each important element; gameplay, atmosphere, mechanics, story, etc., receives its just due, so everyone, from returning fans to newcomers, has a clear idea of what to expect.

Congrats, Matt!

Why We Like It:

— Some reviews tend to be sprawling and not well structured, but this one is tight, polished and engaging. It makes for a highly readable review.

— There’s plenty of detail concerning the major aspects (from gameplay to story), but the critic doesn’t over-analyze or focus too heavily on one particular piece. This way, the analysis never stalls.

— There’s a solid and engaging intro and conclusion, giving the reader a good reason to start reading and finishing in a satisfying way. It’s one of those reviews gamers will be glad they read.

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3 thoughts on “Game Informer Produces a Top-Tier Dishonored 2 Review”

I SO loved the first one and I really didn’t think I would.

Looking at the positive reviews, I’m pretty sure I’ll be grabbing Dishonored 2 really soon… today. 😉

Never got a chance to play the first one, so maybe this is an excuse to play ’em both one after the other. Feel like I’m missing out…

Been playing it for a few days and it’s just what I wanted. I really want to play through it with both Corvo and Emily, too…a testament to how much FUN the game is! 😀

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