Game Informer’s King of Fighters XIV Review is a Knockout

It's the first true 3D installment in franchise history but is that a big enough leap forward...?

It’s the first true 3D installment in franchise history but is that a big enough leap forward…?

Fighting fanatics have known the name for a very long time. Some of the most hardcore fans of the genre have stuck by The King of Fighters over the years, often scoffing at those who preferred the more mainstream franchises like Tekken, Mortal KombatDead or Alive and Street Fighter. One of the reasons the die-hard followers have remained faithful is because KoF has remained faithful in return; i.e., the IP has never changed its hardcore approach.

However, the latest entry is the first to go full-on 3D, so does the gameplay mark a significant leap forward as well? Well, for that answer, we turn to Game Informer, where critic Suriel Vazquez has produced a stellar analysis of SNK’s latest KoF effort. We learn that while 3D isn’t exactly a game-changer (and some fans might still prefer the older style), the game should still satisfy long-time fans…to some extent. We also get a well-structured, objective review that doesn’t waste a lot of time comparing this entry to other entries, and doesn’t revolve around personal bias or various tangents.

We get a nicely appointed evaluation that hits all the highlights, outlining the pros and cons, and moving smoothly through gameplay, presentation, mechanics, etc, in a way that is both informative and entertaining.

Congrats, Suriel!

Why We Like It:

— Both hardcore fans of the series and newcomers alike should appreciate the review, as it sticks to simply analyzing the game’s merits and flaws.

Candid and forthright without any exhibited bias or personal preference. All reviews have some opinion, of course, but it’s all too easy for big fans of certain IPs to get too personally and emotionally involved in a review.

— As is the case with any fighter, the review emphasis should be squarely on the gameplay, and that’s the case here. The new 3D presentation warrants discussion but of course, gameplay reigns supreme.

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2 thoughts on “Game Informer’s King of Fighters XIV Review is a Knockout”

I’d try this if I had time. I used to like The King of Fighters but I haven’t been much of a fighting fan over the past few years…I dunno, just feels like a young man’s game to me these days.

I’ve been playing KoF for a decade and I can safely say that KoF14 isn’t that amazing. It’s a good game but I really don’t like the new look and the rest of the game didn’t take a mammoth leap forward or anything. I think the hardcore fans like it but they’re not blown away or anything. Like me.

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