Game Rant’s Mario Party: Star Rush Review is Golden

Is Mario Party on the 3DS a clear-cut winner?

Is Mario Party on the 3DS a clear-cut winner?

Good ol’ Mario Party. The series has been delighting reams of Nintendo faithful for years, and each entry manages to bring friends together for an old-fashioned living room clash. Remember when “multiplayer” simply meant more gamers in the same place, actually interacting in two ways? On the screen and in person? Well, that’s what this IP is good for and the latest installment has just arrived on 3DS. If you’re wondering how it stacks up to its predecessors, we suggest you read the fantastic review posted over at Game Rant.

Critic Riley Little pens an excellent evaluation of the game, and we learn that Mario Party: Star Rush proves Nintendo is willing to do a little experimenting, even if the game isn’t a revolutionary step forward. Little does a good job citing the franchise’s deep history in the intro, properly setting the stage for the analysis, and then diving into the nuts and bolts of the production. After all, this isn’t about technical prowess; it’s about gameplay, fun factor, and overall appeal for groups of gamers as opposed to the individual. This critic kept all that in mind and issues a full and engaging review that all gamers, not merely Nintendo fans, will appreciate.

Congrats, Riley!

Why We Like It:

Focuses on the goals of the game, understanding what it tries to be as a multiplayer draw, and also how it fares in comparison to past entries.

Clearly highlights what’s new and any important additions, a critical element in any series with so many installments. And it answers the very first question the fans are likely to have.

— Strictly from a quality and presentation standpoint, this review is well-written, nicely structured, and entertaining, which should be the ultimate goal of all product reviews.

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I remember having so much fun with Mario Party back in the day!

I just don’t know if I’d feel the same way about it now…I’ve sort of moved on. Maybe it’s because I’m older or maybe it’s just because I have different gaming tastes. Not sure.

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