Game Revolution’s Far Cry Primal Review is a Gem

The Stone Age is a lot more intriguing...and a lot more dangerous than you thought.

The Stone Age is a lot more intriguing…and a lot more dangerous than you thought.

It’s a game that thrives on its environment. The player dives into an ancient world where survival is a daily struggle and humans certainly aren’t at the top of the food chain. Factoring in elements of survival and strategy, this new Far Cry installment is a lot more cerebral than one might think, and hugely atmospheric. Therefore, we wanted to find a review that reflects this atmosphere in its text, which would give the interested gamer a proper feel for the game in question.

That’s why we turned to Game Revolution for their excellent review of Far Cry Primal. Critic Matt Utley kicks things off with a stirring relation of one particular gameplay segment, and then proceeds to give us a quality breakdown. Amid the objective and subjective analysis is plenty of important details, but it’s always important to capture what the game is trying to capture. That’s what good critics do in all venues. In this way, Utley manages to embrace that which the developers embraced, thereby giving us an accurate reflection of the new Far Cry.

So, if you want the burning question, “what’s this game all about, anyway?” answered, we urge you to check out this particular review.

Congrats, Matt!

Why We Like It:

— Reviews, like most articles, often hinge on a solid intro. Obviously, the critic put some effort into that particular aspect here, and it shows.

The critic understands the goal(s) of the developer and acknowledges that throughout the review, while still offering a standard point-by-point evaluation.

Generally well-paced and interesting throughout, which means those who start reading it are much more likely to finish it.

Read Matt Utley’s Far Cry Primal Review Here

3 thoughts on “Game Revolution’s Far Cry Primal Review is a Gem”

I was convinced I wouldn’t like this game but I actually LOVE it. I knew I would from the minute it started and I think it’s because it’s not like your normal shooter. You actually have to think and plan and stuff. 😉

I’ve never played a Far Cry but I might actually try this one…it has a lot going for it that I could like. In other words, it doesn’t play like a normal FPS and that’s good for me. 😀

I just don’t like it. I’m not even sure why but I can’t get into it. Nothing against the game itself though.

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