Games Like Destiny Should be Reviewed Multiple Times

Destiny in September 2014 won't be the same Destiny we're playing in September 2019, right?

Destiny in September 2014 won’t be the same Destiny we’re playing in September 2019, right?

If we accept the belief that reviews exist to assist consumers – and in truth, these reviews are essentially a service – then we have to be logical.

Activision has said multiple times that Bungie’s upcoming shared-world shooter will ideally have a 10-year lifespan. This means that over the course of coming years, the game will have to be supported and expanded upon. Hence, four, five, six years from now, Destiny should be a greatly improved experience, correct?

And let’s say someone didn’t immediately jump on board. This person has been considering a Destiny purchase for years, but hasn’t had the time or motivation. Then, one day, he or she decides to maybe give it a try and goes searching for reviews. However, if critics haven’t revisited the game since the initial round of reviews, this consumer is going to read reviews that are outdated and as a result, inaccurate.

This very large world should change significantly over the years, so critics should keep it on their radar.

This very large world should change significantly over the years, so critics should keep it on their radar.

Perhaps it’s not exactly an MMO in the strictest sense of the term, but any “shared-world” experience that continues on for years at a time is bound to change, and change substantially. Remember MAG? That’s a game that absolutely needed to be revisited after the first year, because the gameplay experience was drastically different (much improved, if we remember correctly). Unless Bungie plans to sit on their laurels – and we seriously doubt Activision will allow this to happen – Destiny should undergo several transformations.

This is why responsible critics should consider revisiting the game multiple times during the generation. It’s not merely about reviewing every new expansion, either. You’ll want to provide potential new purchasers and fans with the most up-to-date information possible, and give them a complete analysis of the game. If this means issuing an entirely new review every two or three years, so be it. It’s the only fair thing to do, and I’m sure the developers would agree.

Besides, it would give all gamers a chance to compare and contrast as time goes on. It’s always nice to see how an online-oriented experience has improved over time, and don’t forget that it sorta holds the developer and publisher accountable for the continued performance of the product. If Bungie and Activision knew most critics would be issuing brand new reviews every now and then, perhaps they’d be even more motivated to excel. Just a thought.

4 thoughts on “Games Like Destiny Should be Reviewed Multiple Times”

They absolutely should. If a game is about a hundred times better a few years after it launches (as it the case with a lot of MMOs), then it’s totally unfair to leave that one first analysis as the ONLY review consumers can read.

The developers kept working for years, and that shouldn’t be ignored.

I completely agree. MAG is a good example, as they said in the article.

Games that are continually evolving must be a bitch for critics because they SHOULD be required to frequently revisit the game.

I think it falls to the gamer to do the research on any game that keeps progressing. The problem is that we’ll start seeing more and more of this, and I just don’t see any critic having the requisite TIME to do what this article proposes.

Well, maybe that’s the hurdle. Maybe critics are going to have shorten their initial reviews for such games, for example, and put a “pending” label on those reviews…

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