GamesBeat Critic Knows How to Handle a Retro Review

An attractive, nostalgia-laden package!

An attractive, nostalgia-laden package!

Here at VGRHQ, we’re not merely interested in great reviews for the big blockbusters. We also love it when a critic pays appropriate homage to a time long past, but does so in a way that remains professional and accurate.

In short, it’s often difficult to review games from many years ago, as it’s not really fair to compare them to modern-day productions. So, how does one go about it?

Ask GameBeat’s Jeffrey Grubb, who penned a superb review for NES Remix 2.

Who can remember games like these without shedding a tear or two...?

Who can remember games like these without shedding a tear or two…?

Why We Like It:

— Well, first off, it adopts a similar structure to what we have. 🙂 Separating the text out into “what you’ll like” and “what you won’t like” makes it easy for readers to quickly get the highlights.

— The critic acknowledges that in order to really appreciate it, you’ll need a history with the NES. This is something older hardcore gamers have to admit…it’s how nostalgia works, and when a game thrives entirely on nostalgia, it must be mentioned in the review.

— Per the “what we’re looking for” outline on the Our Method page, Mr. Grubb’s review is clean, descriptive and well-written. We’re particularly big fans of his opening line:

NES Remix 2 is a nostalgia mirror. Hold it up to yourself and it will show you the fond memories you have for classic Nintendo games (or the lack thereof).

Congrats on the nod, Jeffrey!

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