GamesBeat’s The Witcher 3 Review Captures the Game’s Feel


A fantastical world you want to revisit again and again, and that’s critical.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt launches this week but because many critics received the game well in advance (and rightly so, given the sheer size and scope of the game), we’re already seeing reviews. Which one has caught our eye right out of the gate?

It’s the review from GamesBeat, as critic Gavin Greene dives into the game’s unique presentation of darkness and grit. When it comes to productions that are designed to surround you with a compelling virtual world, it’s important that critics tackle the overall presentation. If we don’t enjoy the world through which we travel, if we’re not interested in our surroundings or the characters involved in the narrative, our interest wanes. And this is an open-world RPG with a strong narrative structure.

Greene takes the opportunity to focus on the game’s unique approach to a grim grittiness, properly noting that too often in recent memory, video games have used the term “gritty” as a way of simply attracting eyes. It has nothing to do with quality, of course, and too many games have approached “grit” in the exact same way. Not so inĀ The Witcher 3. And of course, we get the requisite analysis of the gameplay elements as well, along with a well-written and well-structured review.

Congrats, Gavin!

It's dark but not simply for the sake of adolescent attention.

It’s dark but not simply for the sake of adolescent attention.

Why We Like It:

— For a game with such a prominent narrative and distinct atmosphere, it’s important to highlight it in the review. It’s even better if it’s a major highlight of that review.

— Huge games give critics license to ramble (or so they might think). This review tends to stay focused, despite the sheer amount of content to address.

Nicely written and presented, which makes for a highly readable experience even if the review is lengthy.

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3 thoughts on “GamesBeat’s The Witcher 3 Review Captures the Game’s Feel”

Too many critics don’t spend enough time talking about atmosphere and environment. And it makes perfect sense to do so when we’re talking about an giant open-world universe.

Well done!

I actually think the game sounds better in the text than the final 88 score implies. It’s a reason for me to read but it also makes me wonder about a site’s scoring system……


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