GameSpew’s Severed Review Earns High Praise

It's a highly artistic and unique game, and well worth your time, Vita owners.

It’s a highly artistic and unique game, and well worth your time, Vita owners.

The idea that there are no original or unique games anymore is ludicrous. We say it all the time: If you need some refreshment from the admittedly predictable blockbusters, just check out some of the smaller offerings from talented developers like Drinkbox Studios. A perfect example would be the recently released and well-received title Severed, which you should definitely have on your radar.

GameSpew critic Rich has penned a great analysis of this highly stylized and rewarding game. We probably shouldn’t be surprised that the Guacamelee! team produced another solid product, but it always helps to read some top-quality reviews. It’s an in-depth, informed, and entertaining evaluation that highlights the most important aspects, including the touchscreen integration.

You also have a well-constructed article that flows quite well (though we would recommend breaking up the larger paragraphs of text, just for the sake of reader accessibility). In the end, the reader gets what he or she needs and emerges interested, which is of course the goal of any good review. 🙂

Congrats, Rich!

Why We Like It:

The introduction gives the reader something to latch onto, as it offers a narrative-based hook about the game’s story. This really works.

— Most will want to know how the touchscreen-based gameplay functions and this critic doesn’t shy away from that. When we’re done reading, we know exactly what to expect from this mechanic.

Acknowledges the niche nature of the concept while explaining why it can appeal to a wider audience. Also clears up the “dumbed down” idea for the core gamers out there.

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