GameSpot’s Gravity Rush 2 Review Soars High Above The Competition

The sequel is every bit as good as the original…maybe even better.

Gravity Rush was one of the very best games for PlayStation Vita and many fans have been wondering: Will the sequel, designed for PlayStation 4, be just as good, if not better? Many believed a bigger, more robust version of the first offering would be the bee’s knees, which is why we were excited to read the reviews for Gravity Rush 2. As it turned out, we found our favorite at Gamespot, where critic Peter Brown penned a fantastic analysis that successfully blends detail and presentation.

Perhaps the hardest thing to do with any game review is to balance accessibility and in-depth evaluation. After all, while it’s always necessary to pass judgment on everything from mechanics to gameplay systems to basic control to production values, if you go too deep down the rabbit hole, the reader just starts yawning. Furthermore, if you give away too much, the review fails to trigger that all-important curiosity in the reader. Here, we get a great review with a top-notch structure, as well as a nice blend of subjective opinion and objective analysis.

It’s a win from top to bottom, so congrats, Peter!

Why We Like It:

Makes the requisite comparison to the original without allowing said comparison to dominate the review. Judging a game based on its own merits is always imperative.

— Without giving away too much and going into tiresome detail, the review tells us everything we need to know. All the important questions are answered and the reader emerges educated AND excited.

Excellent structure and presentation, which ups the overall readability of the piece. It flows well from start to finish, so the reader is far more likely to finish reading after s/he’s started.

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I LOVED Gravity Rush on Vita so I’m going to have to get this. 🙂

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