GameSpot Offers a Chillingly Candid Take on Alien: Isolation

It's creepy and thrilling but there's just too much ho-hum filler.

It’s creepy and thrilling but there’s just too much ho-hum filler.

For years, die-hard fans of the vaunted sci-fi “Alien” franchise have been hoping for a worthy video game installment. Their hopes have been dashed so many times, they were starting to become numb to the pain of disappointment. Well, even though the latest effort – Alien: Isolation – is a step in the right direction, as GameSpot explains, it’s not a big enough step.

Critic Kevin VanOrd remains one of the industry’s leading critics, explaining exactly why Creative Assembly falls a little shy in this ambitious endeavor. As usual, VanOrd’s detailed, consistently informative analysis presents the reader with a complete review. There are highs and lows and both are competently addressed in this rundown.

On top of which, it’s always nice to see a critic who attempts to get inside the head and body of the virtual protagonist. It’s clear that VanOrd wanted to believe in the experience and as such, he wanted to feel what Amanda Ripley was feeling. It works for a while but after a time, it begins to grow tiresome.

It has its moments, which is a good sign, but there's still a lot of work to be done.

It has its moments, which is a good sign, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

Why We Like It:

— There’s nothing one-sided about this review; the critic presents both the highs and lows in their proper places, and provides the reader with ample description and explanation.

— The critic fully understands the goals of the developer and judges the game based on those ambitions. It’s not so much about what he wanted but whether or not the designers succeeded in their creative quest.

— As per usual, this critic pens an exceedingly well-written review. It’s always supremely detailed but rarely does it trip across into the dreaded “overly verbose” realm.

Congrats, Kevin!

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3 thoughts on “GameSpot Offers a Chillingly Candid Take on Alien: Isolation”

I was hoping this game came out better, but I’m hearing that it’s just too inconsistent.

Better luck next time, Creative Assembly.

Actually, the game is really well done in my opinion. GameSpot’s review harps too much on the down time between the thrills, but I love those thrills. The game is worth playing just for those highs.

As I say about The Evil Within, these games lack polish. That can’t be refuted.

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