GameSpot Pens a Haunting, Emotional Journey Review

Journey on PlayStation 4 is simply more amazing than ever.

Journey on PlayStation 4 is simply more amazing than ever.

It was one of the most critically acclaimed titles of the previous generation. It won countless awards and recognition from individuals even outside the videogame industry. So, it’s not especially surprising that an updated version of Journey for PlayStation 4 is getting a lot of attention. The praise is already flowing and leading that charge is GameSpot’s Kevin VanOrd.

VanOrd writes up a powerful review of Thatgamecompany’s mini magnum opus (an oxymoron?) and we’re taken on a ride that very much resembles the journey we take in the game. It’s full of that which makes the adventure so poignant: The review doesn’t merely analyze the game – which is relatively simply and straightforward – it shows how this quest is indeed an allegory for life. We must all attempt to scale that mountain and in doing so, there will be highs and lows; one minute we’re sailing through the air and the next, we’re in a dark cavern where something dark and mysterious hunts us.

This is why Journey is so important in so many ways. And while there are plenty of poetic takes on the game out there, we haven’t found one yet that’s more remarkably in touch with the feel of the game. That’s why VanOrd earns another nod here at VGRHQ; his first honor was for last year’s Watch Dogs.

Congrats, Kevin!

A stellar, poignant quest that has a little something for everyone.

A stellar, poignant quest that has a little something for everyone.

Why We Like It:

— We tend to favor reviews that match the theme and tone of the game and in this case, it couldn’t possibly be done better.

— With a re-release, you should probably spend even less time dealing with the nuts and bolts (unless core mechanics have been significantly altered/updated). This critic spends his time talking about what really matters.

— After you’re done reading, if you’ve never played the game, you feel as if you’ve been deprived. All top-tier reviews for stellar products should have this impact.

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4 thoughts on “GameSpot Pens a Haunting, Emotional Journey Review”

Still one of the most moving interactive experiences I’ve ever had. 🙂

Yep, a great review. I love this game; played it four times already and it somehow gets better every time I play it.

I actually think Journey has become one of my favorite games of all time. It just keeps amazing me.

I think Journey is a little overrated but i have to admit, that’s one helluva review.

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