GameSpot’s ReCore Review is Aces in Our Book

It has some charm but the bugs and stumbles hold it back.

It has some charm but the bugs and stumbles hold it back.

It’s nice to see something different now and then, especially when there are throwback elements that will satisfy veteran gamers. Keiji Inafune’s ReCore might remind some gamers of certain action-based platformers they played several generations ago, but perhaps the bugs should’ve been ironed out before launching. For a complete breakdown of what to expect and an entertaining overview, we suggest checking out GameSpot.

Critic Tamoor Hussain writes up an excellent review of the game in question, delivering all the necessary details while keeping us reading with excellent commentary. Before a consumer plunks down his or her $60, s/he wants to be sure the product is worth the money and in this case…well, you may want to wait for a price drop. Hussain’s quality write-up of a product that isn’t exactly top-quality may make you think twice, but you’ll at least be in the know. This review answers just about any question you might have.

Congrats, Tamoor!

Why We Like It:

A recurring focus on the gameplay and mechanics, which is essential when the game’s success hinges on such elements, and when many of the issues are performance-related.

A nice overall flow to the text of the review, leading us through gameplay and visual details, game goals, story, how everything meshes, etc.

— After offering a ton of useful information (that could prove difficult to summarize), the reader gets a solid, tight conclusion that clearly outlines the pluses and negatives.

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One thought on “GameSpot’s ReCore Review is Aces in Our Book”

Because I really liked the style and little old-school flair in this game, I almost bought an Xbox One for it.

Glad I didn’t. Obviously, the game doesn’t validate such a big purchase.

Sorry, Microsoft. Still a no-go.

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