GameSpot’s Top-Tier Splatoon 2 Review Is A Direct Hit

When you say the word “shooter” in the video game industry, most don’t think of a concept like Splatoon. But hey, the genre definition is awfully simple and broad, which means if the gameplay mechanics revolve around shooting anything, then…yeah, it’s a shooter. And maybe a unique and fun one, at that.

The first one went over pretty well with critics and now the sequel has arrived, so it’s time to see if we’ve got another winner on our hands. For that answer, we suggest turning to GameSpot, where critic Kallie Plagge delivered a top-notch analysis that addresses most burning questions any fan might have. It’s also well-structured and enjoyable to read, two more big pluses.

When it comes to sequels or follow-up efforts, it’s always important to reference the original title, but many critics make the mistake of focusing a little too strongly on the comparisons. You really have to let the new product stand on its own during a review and despite the requisite comparisons, that’s exactly what happens here. And when we’re done reading, we have a perfect summary of a highly anticipated game. That’s a win.

Lastly, the review clearly reflects the game’s emphasis on multiplayer and as such offers players a deep, reliable evaluation of that element. At the same time, the single-player action isn’t neglected, either. So, a great all-around piece; congrats, Kellie!

Why We Like It:

Performs a nice balancing act between comparing the game to its predecessor while still scoring the new effort on its own merits.

Puts an appropriate emphasis on multiplayer and spends enough time examining the ins and outs of the online battles, a must in the eyes of fans.

— Well-put together and nicely arranged, so the reader never feels like wanting to skim or skip around. Nicely done.

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