GamesRadar Amps Up the Volume With a Sound Review

The latest from Mike Bithell is a slick stealth title. Gonna try it?

The latest from Mike Bithell is a slick stealth title. Gonna try it?

Thomas Was Alone developer Mike Bithell has come forward with a new effort. This one is called Volume and it’s an old-fashioned-style stealth game with a lot of modern pizzazz. It has a sheer, almost austere visual presentation (which not everyone likes) but the gameplay will almost certainly satisfy the hardcore stealth lovers. It’s just one of those unique, challenging experiences that’s like nothing else available right now.

For a more detailed analysis of the game, check out GamesRadar, where critic Earnest Cavalli pens a stellar review of Bithell’s latest production. Citing the Robin Hood classic as the basis of the game’s story and gameplay, and offers the reader a nice mix of factoids and subjective judgment. This results in a highly readable and enjoyable review that tells us everything we need to know. Good balancing and solid writing are a plus as well.

This is Cavalli’s second honor at VGRHQ; his first was for his Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- review (when he was with Joystiq).

Congrats, Earnest!

Why We Like It:

Faithfully captures the nature and style of the game, which is always important. One wants to see the experience through the eyes of the critic (to some extent).

— Makes comparisons to other stealth games while still allowing the product in question to stand on its own. A necessary skill.

We want to keep reading after the first paragraph. As is the case with most all forms of writing, you have to hook the reader in the first few sentences.

Read Earnest Cavalli’s Volume Review Now

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To all those who haven’t tried this yet, TRY IT. I sort of got it on a whim and it’s great!

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